Thursday, March 14, 2013

Seven Months

Can't believe this sweet girl is already seven months!  Sounds so old!  She is getting so big, looking less like a "baby" every day I think, but she is still a tiny little peanut.  I think she definitely feels heavier than last month, but unfortunately we won't get to weigh her again until 9 mos.  She is still eating 2 times a day, but just having a lot of difficulties being "regular" so we have added prunes regularly and give her lots of water and watered down apple juice.  And if things are really rough, I just cut out the food and stick with nursing and don't stress too much about it. 

New things she likes this month are jumping.  She will go crazy in the jumperoo and wants to jump while you are holding her as well.  She also loves when you help hold her up next to something at her level like the coffee table and she will smack her hands on it, definitely not close to holding herself up yet though.  She is great at sitting now and has really good balance to where I feel comfortable leaving her in the living room playing with toys while I'm in the kitchen for example.  She also has started rocking like crazy while sitting, and occasionally falls forward because of this...not sure if this is related to crawling?  I'm not sure she is anywhere near crawling though because she really still doesn't like being on her tummy much at all. 

One of the best things that happened this month was her sleeping through the night!  Pretty much right after she turned six months I had a feeling she was ready so I decided if she woke I would let her fuss for a half hour and if she was still awake I would go in to feed her.  The first two nights she fussed for 30 mins and I went in and fed her, no success.  Then the third night she just magically slept through the night without a peep!  And we never looked back!  I don't think it had anything to do with me trying to "sleep train" her or whatever you want to call it, I think she was just ready and did it on her own.  And it is fabulous!

Her schedule still looks really similar to last month, but I'm not sure if she is close to giving up the third nap or not.  It sort of depends on her first two naps, if they are long, she typically doesn't want to take a third nap.  I will still let her hang out in her crib those days for at least 30 mins because I can tell that she still needs that resting time.  Her first two naps are anywhere from 45 mins to over 2 hours.

730 am wake up, nurse
930-10 am nap (we still go down 2 hours from wake up)
11-1130 wake, nurse (your first nap is typically pretty good, an hour and a half to two hours)
1-130 nap
2-230 wake, nurse
4-430 nap
430-5 wake, nurse (just all depends on how long your naps are, but this is an average day!)
715 nurse
730 bedtime

accidentally posted a lot of pictures in last month's post that should be in this one so not as many pics this time!


just so smiley these days!  so much fun!

sick baby on her seven month bday :(

silly face

baby feet