Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nine Months

Sometimes I feel like my heart might burst when I look at you, my little love.  You are just a ray of sunshine in our lives.  We thank God for you, little blessing, for your health, and for your little personality that is developing right before our eyes.  There are no words to describe being your mommy and seeing you grow each day.

Change is probably the word I would describe this month as!  You are absolutely no longer a little baby anymore.  You are so close to "toddler hood" I can feel it coming.  You aren't crawling yet, but you are so so so so close.  You'll do 4 or 5 little crawls toward something and then lunge forward onto your belly to grab it.  Half of the time though your "steps" are either backward or with your little butt in the air in the "down dog" yoga position.  It'll click soon baby girl! 

You have however discovered how to pull up weeks ago and no longer want to sit and play.  Anything you can pull up to standing on, you will, and just play play play.  I think you're also pretty close to walking around the table and such.  You'll do a few steps but are just not there yet.  Its a very bittersweet feeling, watching you so close to these milestones sweet girl.  I want it so bad for you because I can see you are a little frustrated, but at the same time, you are just growing so fast!  I feel like this first year is such a flash, and its going to be over before we know it.

You are still a little peanut.  You had your nine month appointment this week and were 16.5 lbs (11%) and 28 inches (60%).  The doctor is not concerned about you being petite, just gave me more suggestions to plump you up.  You are eating pretty much anything now, table food and all!  Its so fun to watch you try new things.  You seem to go through phases where you love to eat anything or ones where you push away anything I put close.  Sometimes you'll let me feed you purees, others you only have interest in feeding yourself, and others you throw everything off your highchair tray.  I'm not worried though, you are still getting plenty of milk.  And its hard to imagine you any other way than our little peanut! 

And lastly, my other favorite thing that has happened this month (maybe my favorite), you seem to have gotten snugglier!  Before and after naps we'll sit in your chair in your room and you'll lay your little head down on my chest and my heart completly melts.  I could sit in the moment forever and I hope I never forget that feeling for the rest of my life!

Here's your schedule now a days - but I'm not sure much has changed from last month.  I do have to say your naps are so much longer and more predictable now.  I really am a believer in "schedules" because I see how well you've responded to them.  You nap pretty regularly for 1.5-2 hours (with an occasional 45 min nap every once in a while).

645-7am you wake up
730 I get you out of your crib & you nurse
breakfast around 930 before nap time
10 am nap
1130-12 ish wake up and nurse
lunch around 130 before nap time
2 pm nap
330-4 ish wake up and nurse
530-6 ish dinner
7 pm ish you nurse and get ready for bed and are normally asleep by 730


we went to the zoo for mothers day!


love pulling up!

went to Chicago for mommy's birthday!

we snuggle every morning after nursing

we love walks!

precious angel

our little sunshine!

paci obsessed!

first time swinging!