Thursday, April 18, 2013

Eight Months

My oh my...eight months already!  We have just been overcome with joy this month by you sweet girl.  You are such a blessing and we are incredibly thankful for how healthy you are and how much love with have for you.  You have really been a mommy's girl this month, reaching for me to pick you up and just generally wanting to be held or for me to not leave your side.  Occasionally it can be frustrating when you won't let someone else hold you or I am trying to get something done, but most of the time, it just melts my heart.  Knowing that you know who I am and that you are comforted by me is pretty special. 

This has just seemed to be a huge month for you.  While you aren't crawling yet, if I could label this month with one word it would be active!  You are squirmy, you want to be able to jump, stand, pull up, and crawl all at once I think.  I will sit you down on the floor and before I know it you have rolled all the way across the room.  You are also getting close to crawling we think.  When sitting you will rock and reach so far ahead but you just can't figure out the whole knee part.  You usually end up face planting and then rolling over.  You have learned to pull up to your knees from sitting in your crib, using the rails (which we have now lowered your crib, no worries!) and also using a toy in your room, no standing yet though.  You love when we hold you standing up to a table, etc but you haven't got the concept of holding yourself up yet.

You have started eating more "table" foods now as you got closer to 8 mos.  You have knawed on apple slices, eaten plenty of puffs and yogurt drops, had sliced blueberries, sweet potato & banana chunks, etc.  We've let you try a few things while we're eating them and you seem to love it all.  But now you aren't so hot on me spoon feeding you anymore.  We try to find a happy medium and not stress too much about it since you are still getting plenty of milk!

I think we just both keep saying to ourselves how "easy" things are lately.  You sleep fabulously through the night, take your naps pretty regularly, and are just pretty darn easy to take care of most of the time.  I'm sure things will get interesting when you start getting more mobile!  We switched you to two naps a day now before you were pretty consistently not taking your third nap.  I was hesitant to give it up, because I wasn't sure how you would do staying up longer in the morning and between naps but you have been doing great!  You now nap at 10 and 2, and sleep anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours each nap.  You sleep from 7-730pm to 7-730am.  No complaints here!  You have also gotten really active in your crib and roll during sleep and take most of your naps on your belly now.

You had a cold/flu at the beginning of this month which stunk, but also caused us to find out you have excema.  You have always had sort of dry cheeks, but I noticed you getting little red bumps on your tummy and chest area, but wasn't too concerned.  Then when you got your cold it really broke out into a blotchy rash all over your back and tummy.  We ended up taking you in to the ped because they wanted to test you for strept (which it wasn't, thankfully) and found out its just excema.  We just have to apply a cream/lotion and its pretty well mangaged now.  Corey has a form of scoriasis and I guess these things are pretty hereditary. 

You got your first 2 teeth this month!  They are your bottom front two.  You had a rough few days/week where you were fussy and had trouble napping, but luckily it didn't interrupt your night time sleep!  Your hair is also really coming in in the back and is looking sort of "wirey" so we're thinking you are going to be curly like your momma!

so big, sitting in high chairs and shopping carts now!

wanting to crawl so bad

learning how to eat puffs

two teeth!

had my first lemon and loved it!

love playing peak a boo!

oiled up my hair and spiked it!
eating/sucking on an apple slice

this is usually my view - mommy pick me up!

just starting to learn to hold myself up, definitely not pulling up at this point

my first easter!


sitting up in the bath to play!

oh apparently i can pull up to my knees now mommy!  time to lower the mattress!

loves this train - LOVES

practicing pulling up some more

mommy's birthday!  woke up this snuggle bug to sing happy birthday!

snuggles with daddy, a memory we will cherish forever!

daddy's girl

little cheese-ball!

getting tough to get this little peanut to sit still!