Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My best piece of pregnancy advice (or pre-pregnancy)

February 17, 2012

First let me give you a little background.  For some reason, I had in the past 3 years or so convinced myself that it was a possibility that we might have a little trouble getting pregnant.  We were very blessed for that not to have happened and let me just say now that I have absolutely no idea what that pain would feel like.  I can't even imagine.  The reason I had convinced myself so was that I had always had irregular periods growing up (sorry if this is TMI), which is why I went on birth control pills at 18.  I would have months and months without a period and then it would last 3 weeks long then it would be regular, than not come again, so on and so forth. 

Then early in 2010 I was changing birth control brands to go to a generic cheaper brand.  It took a few weeks for the prescription to get in, so my doctor just told me to wait until I got my period, then start it.  Three months later, still no period.  However looking back I now realize this was one of the most stressful times of my life.  We had just moved back to Indiana from Cleveland, I had started my old job back and jumped right into busy season where we worked an extreme amount of hours.  I was still in my first year of marriage, and was juggling trying to cook dinner, keep a clean house, and work all these hours - oh and see my hubby here and there!  After taking multiple negative pregnancy tests my doctor told me to go ahead and start the pill.

Well, fast forward to last summer, we decided it would be time for me to stop taking birth control and see if we could get pregnant.  I was so worried inside, what if I didn't get my period again?  I prayed about it constantly and what do you know, 35 days later it arrived!  Never did I think I would be so excited to get my period, especially when we were trying, haha!  I was so so relieved.  Then as the weeks and months went by, my periods were not consistent and I got a few negative pregnancy tests.  I was always just worried in the back of my mind, what if I can't get pregnant?  I guess I just figured since I have had such a great life and been so blessed so far, maybe this is the thing that won't work out? 

Updated 3/5/12:  I am not trying to say that I got my period because I prayed for it.  I am trying to say that praying to God gave me peace during the process.  It kept me from being consumed by it all.  It kept me positive, knowing that no matter what, in the end of it all, if I was able to get pregnant or not, it would all work out.  And for the better - to His plan.

Then I read this post:  Take it away God!  I knew what He was trying to tell me, give it up to Him!  READ THIS POST!  Whenever I would start to let myself worry, I would remember, Satan is the one planting these thoughts in my head!  I will not give him control.  If you ever feel yourself slipping, read this post. 

Thankfully now I am pregnant, and I know my fear was stupid and inaccurate.  I am blessed so far to not have been consumed with worry about the baby's health or if something will go wrong.  But anytime I do, I try to remind myself to surrender it to God.  He is all powerful and gives total peace.  He has my best interest in mind and already knows how this is all going to work out.  My advice is that you remember that and surrender everything to Him.  There is no comfort like Him.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Eats 2/19/12

I just saw this little idea on a new blog I found and thought it would be fun to start up!  One of my favorite things to do is meal plan for the coming week and do my grocery shopping.  I absolutely love cooking and find it so much easier to be prepared ahead of time.  Here were our eats last week!

Sunday - Jambalaya - Corey's parents came over for the IU game and a little dinner to get Mardi Gras week started off right!
Monday - leftover Maggiano's from date night Saturday, along with side salads
Tuesday - crock pot baked potatoes, with broccoli & cheese (will post recipe soon)
Wednesday - Teriyaki Salmon, wild rice, & honey glazed carrots
Thursday - simple (homemade sauce) spaghetti & asparagus
Friday - out, my friend Katie stayed with us so we met a few friends out for dinner
Saturday - leftovers

15 weeks

February 20 - 26

Can not believe how fast this pregnancy is going so far!  Baby is the size of an apple or an orange this week and about 4 inches long!  This week I am just really looking forward to finding out if its a boy or girl in 5 short weeks!  I can hardly wait!  I am ready to start decorating the nursery!  I felt like I sort of popped out a little bit this past week, but I really thought I would be showing more by now.  I know everything is on track, but I am ready to have a little belly!  I am also feeling a little fatigued this week again.  I was really feeling back to my normal self, noticing that I did't absolutely need naps on the weekend, etc.  But this week I have been really tired after work, and I'm talking like 7:30...opps! 

As I was looking back through some of my friends blogs to see how they were feeling around this same time (or if they were showing yet), I came across this survey Jess did.  I thought it might be fun to do!

Week and day: 15 weeks and 2 days (2/22/12)

Belly Button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Food cravings: I had to agree with Jess's response on this one.  Nothing too intense or recurring cravings.  But when someone mentions something or I get something on my mind, I want it!  I made multiple trips to the grocery last week to get something new for dinner that I was really in the mood for.  And in case you weren't aware from reading my food blog, one of my favorite things is to meal plan in advance!  Oh well, I'll make that stuff next week, right?!

Food aversions: same as before, nothing Asian sounds remotely good to me

Nausea: not at all!

Energy level: guess I kind of answered that above!

Weight gain: 2 lbs 2 weeks ago at my appt...I go again next week so I'll give you an update then.

Mood: feeling really good, went through an irritable patch, but much better now

Maternity clothes: nothing yet (updated on Sunday 2/26/12 - I noticed my jeans feeling really tight last night at a friends house, particularly when I was sitting.  Luckily one of my friends is going to let me borrow her bella band, but I think I see some maternity pant purchases in my near future!)

Size of baby: I've heard both an orange or an apple

Changes of baby: moving all of her limbs, forming taste buds, senses light (one interesting thing I read this week was if you shine a flashlight on your belly, baby would move away from the light!)

Next appointment: March 1st, next Tuesday!  16 weeks

Other: Hoping to start seeing a belly soon!  I know this is silly, but I haven't really worried too much about baby so far.  But lately I have started feeling a little self conscious about my belly.  I just worry that I should have a little belly by now, and worry that the baby isn't really in there or something.  I know its ridiculous since I've seen it and heard the heartbeat twice, and seen the baby, but its easy to worry when you don't really have symptoms.  I know it will make me feel better to go to the doctor next week to hear the heartbeat again!!!

14 weeks

15 weeks

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

14 weeks

February 13 - 19

I just told my bosses at work today!  I'm not sure what I was worried about because they were absolutely supportive and very excited for us.  I felt very comfortable talking with them about everything.  I have to say I have been overwhelmed by the number of people who are so excited for us.  And the number of people who have told us we'll be great parents!  Its a time where you know your life is about to change and you have no idea what its going to be like, and its just reassuring to hear that friends and family have confidence in you!  I think that's probably one of the best things you can say to an expectant woman. 

The baby is the size of a lemon, 3 1/2 inches long!  I am so happy to know I'm in my second trimester and out of the risky miscarriage portion of pregnancy.  Corey & I decided we are going to plan a little "baby moon" this trimester so I am looking forward to that.  Lately I have been craving PB&Js, cereal still, and I think that's about it...still chocolate but I'm trying to avoid indulging too much there!  I am missing coffee, not the caffeine, just the taste and the warmth as we are dead in the middle of freezing winter!

I am experiencing my first cold so far during this pregnancy.  I was hoping to avoid getting one because I knew I couldn't take any meds, but unfortunately I caught the one Corey had last week.  It hasn't been too bad, just made me sleepy and achey with a sore throat and a little congestion.  It could be way worse!  I'm finding there are a lot of contradictions in pregnancy so far...your immune system is down (since you are sort of making a baby in there!) but you can't take any meds, and you are fatigued, yet you can't have caffeine.  Good thing this is allllll worth it.  So far I've absolutely loved being pregnant!

13 week belly

14 week belly!

Monday, February 20, 2012

13 weeks

February 6 - 12

13 weeks and baby is the size of a peach which is still unfathomable to me!  I am so excited for my doctor's appt tomorrow (Thursday).  I'm not sure what will happen but most people have told me I'll get to hear the heartbeat so I'm pretty excited about that!  Corey & I were looking at the belly pics from this week compared to last week and can actually see a difference which is funny, but cool :) 

I had some days toward the end of last week, mainly Thursday night through Saturday morning where I noticed I was so irritable.  Everything people were doing around me was getting on my nerves.  I am generally a very happy person and normally in a good mood so it was starting to get to me.  I noticed Saturday morning that I snapped at my mom and was on the verge of tears for absolutely no reason.  So after realizing these things (I had just arrived at the gym) I parked my car and bowed my head and just said a little prayer for God to take it away, to make me aware of my mood, and to help me be more positive and nice to others!  I mean I have a whole lot to be pretty happy about right now!  Then I went into zumba with my mom still with the same attitude, but about half way through class I started having fun, loosening up, and after class I was completely back to my normal self.  Lesson (once again) learned, give it up to God!

Another thing I noticed over last weekend, however this little thing seems to be sticking around is major brain farts.  I feel like I just completely lose words when I'm trying to carry on a conversation, or I say the wrong word.  But worst of all, I notice myself making simple mistakes at work, not good.  I need to try to remember to be more present!

Something else that I have started to notice in the past few weeks and think is pretty hilarious is people wanting to touch my belly.  Not random strangers as I am not really showing, but friends that know both guys and girls.  I have been suprised how excited everyone is for us and how much they just want to be a part of it I guess!

Still no crazy cravings yet.  I have been loving cereal (I think really its the cold mik) and PB&J's.  I don't really have any aversions at all.  Saturday night about midnight on our way home from a friends house, my hubby after a few beers was craving some taco bell.  We had eaten dinner really early and were both hungry, so I obliged.  And he finally got to have his "pregnancy craving" that he's been hoping I would get probably since I became pregnant :)

Also this weekend I stopped by buybuy BABY since I was on that side of town.  I have been really wanting to stop in there lately and I had so much fun just walking through!  I was good and resisted the urge to buy anything!  It also made me feel better because I had been feeling a little overwhelmed by all the options as far as baby items go (i.e. strollers, etc.), but it was nice to walk though the store and see all of them out so you could pick them up and push them around and try things out.  Now I know Corey & I can go one Saturday and register for what we like with no problems.

Whew, just got back from my appointment and everything looked perfect!  The nurse weighed me (about 2 lbs weight gain so far), took my blood pressure, then took me into see the doctor.  She was very happy with everything and I still really like her!  (She is a new doctor for me, not the same OB I had been going to for my yearly checkups.)  I feel comfortable to ask her my questions and she takes her time to answer anything.  I heard the heartbeat again which was in the 150s now and shed some happy tears, of course.  Its starting to feel just a little bit more real :)

12 week belly

13 week belly!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Exercise - 1st Trimester

December 10 - January 4
How my workouts have changed - first trimester
*written within my first couples weeks of finding out

To be honest, this has been the hardest part of pregnancy for me thus far!  I did not realize how much I loved working out!  Not necessarily workouts in general, but really pushing myself type of workouts!

Things I have cut out:
Boot camp, etc. & interval sprints/running on the treadmill.  I know you always hear the old "you can keep doing what you were doing before, but just don't start anything new" rule.  Well these are some things that I still didn't want to risk continuing.  If something happened I would be so upset and probably feel like I was responsible.  Plus the hubby is very protective...he really thinks I need to be taking it easy and I agree with him.  Boot camp and other high intensity classes get my heart rate up really high and involve a lot of jumping, etc. 

I have learned to listen to my body.  I always heard this before but I've really learned to pay attention and understand what it means lately!  I can really tell a difference, some days I feel great and can workout harder.  Some days I feel almost as if I would get dizzy if I worked out too hard, or I just feel tired so I take it really easy or don't even go.  Or for example, one of the things I regularly did previously was push ups.  I was doing 25 a day after my work out and working my way from doing half modified to all full push ups.  Well I've noticed that this just doesn't feel right.  I feel like its harder or like I'm straining and it almost gives me a headache, so its something I've cut back on and not pushed myself so much.

Things I'm loving:
The elliptical surprisingly!  I do this on days when I just want to do cardio or there isn't a class I want to take.  I typically do it 30-45 minutes.  I'm still doing Yoga which I love and its really nice and relaxing.  I'm also doing weightlifting classes (or Body Works its called at my gym - works the arms, swats, and other leg workouts).  I'm also still doing lower impact classes like zumba or aerobic classes.  If I ever feel myself getting light-headed or my heart rate rising too high I take it easy for a minute.  I also make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, & after.

This is just me, and what I feel comfortable with (and what my doc approved)!  I am very lucky to have had the energy to continue to work out most days.  But to be honest I've also read that working out helps give you energy during pregnancy.  I think part of the reason I didn't have too much morning sickness probably had to do with my continued exercise routine, taking prenatal vitamins eight months prior to conceiving, and continuing to eat small meals throughout the day. 

*Make sure you talk with your doctor before you make any changes or start up a new exercise routine.

Friday, February 17, 2012

12 weeks

January 30 - February 5

We took our first belly shot Sunday!  I'm excited to see how the belly grows!  I can totally tell something is there, but am definitely not showing yet through my clothes or anything like that.  I guess it makes sense, baby is now the size of a plum!  I feel very relieved to be to 12 weeks now!  I can really start believing it!  I go next week for my second doctor's appt and will hopefully get to hear the heartbeat again.  I can't wait, I wish Cor was able to take all the work off and get to hear it each time like I get too.  I am still feeling so great this week.  Hopefully this easy pregnancy means it will be an easy baby as well ;)! 

My bible study girls were over on last night and before study got started we were having a long talk about breastfeeding and how its going for them all.  I hope breastfeeding works for us with my whole heart, but I know its not only dependent on me, but on the baby as well.  Anyway apparently listening to all their stories really got my head going because I ended up having some very visual dreams about it last night!  But all good ones!  In my dream everything worked perfect and baby & me made a great team!  Lets hope that plays out!  Honestly, especially this morning after that dream, I am just feeling so incredibly excited and just looking forward to baby.  I think its just all becoming much more real.  And its awesome!  :)

But it also reminded me of another dream I had maybe around 8 weeks that was so funny, I wanted to write it down.  I dreamed I had a completely pain free labor!  In my dream I had some very rare "disorder" for lack of a better term, that didn't allow my body to feel the pain of giving birth.  I thought it was completely crazy (so did Corey) until like a week later I got one of those email newsletters from the bump that listed top 12 weird pregnancy dreams decoded.  Well guess what #8 was, painless delivery.  The "decoding" just said "Having a painless delivery is a common dream for first-time mommies because you’ve never experienced labor and delivery before, so the inner mind has nothing to reference it to."  So, so true!  But I doubt that dreams coming true!

One other thing I remembered last night that I wanted to write down (and never did) was early in my pregnancy like 5-6 weeks when I first found out.  I was getting over a cold and I noticed whenever I sneezed or coughed hard I had a sort of sharp pain in my lower abdomen area.  Honestly, I sort of ignored it hoping it was fine, then one day came across something on baby center about how it could be related to an eptopic pregnancy (not a good thing) so I was a little worried.  But I also read things about how it could just be round ligament pain (normal).  So I just prayed about it and tried not to worry and God gave me a lot of peace.  When it came time for my appointment at 8 weeks I wasn't even worried, just excited, and baby looked & sounded healthy!  I guess I just wanted to write it down in case there were others that were worrying about similar things.  My best idea yet has been to avoid constantly reading those types of boards and info that only makes me scared and just praying and trusting in God that his way, no matter what it be, is the best!

12 week belly!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

11 weeks

January 23 - 29

The baby is the size of a lime!  I can't hardly believe it.  Its weird to think something so big is in my belly!  The majority of this pregnancy has been thoughts about being pregnant.  Its weird when you stop and realize there is a human being growing in there!  I'm excited as the time goes on to get more "attached" to baby and excited to meet him/her. 

I think the new thing in the past week for me has been my "appetite" I guess you could call it?  I feel not necessarily like I am hungry all the time, but that I want to eat all the time!  Its pretty annoying!  I'm not really a huge snacker at night after dinner, probably because we eat dinner late, but lately I can't stop thinking about food, and just want something so so bad!  Actually its even during the day as well, like in between breakfast and snack or snack and lunch.  But that is mostly sweets that I want then, like chocolate!  I think this is going to be a baby girl with all the sweets I'm craving! 

This week I am just really looking forward to getting out of the first trimester so miscarriage risks go down and am looking forward to telling everyone!  I hope telling everyone at work goes okay.  I am also just really feeling very thankful for how easy of a pregnancy I've had so far!  I can't really complain about anything at all and I feel very lucky.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

10 weeks

January 16 - 22 - you can tell these posts were written when I didn't have a whole lot of energy as they all sound like brain dumps!

Today is the 21st, a Sunday and I'll be eleven weeks Monday.  I can't wait to be able to tell everyone so that I don't have to hide it anymore!  I must have woke up 6 or 7 times to pee last night...seriously.  Before I was pregnant I bet my average was 1-3.  I guess I should quit dirinking so much water before bed but I constantly feel thirsty!  Good thing I have no trouble going back to sleep!   Hope that continues!  I am still tired this week but otherwise feel great!  I swear I am having the luckiest pregnancy.  I'm excited to have an actual bump!  But not looking forward to not being able to sleep on my tummy anymore!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

9 weeks

January 8 - 15

Today is the 10th and we just had our first ultrasound and heard the heartbeat.  I'd have to say this was pretty unbelievable.  Its still hard to believe this little baby is inside me, even though I totally feel the effects and notice all the changes.  As far as my appetite goes lately I've still been craving the same things, citrus and lots of mexican food (but that's typical for me!)  And I'm only really grossed out by asian food/flavors right now.  Who knows!  I swear I can even see a little bump, more like I can't suck it in like I used to!  I measured 9 weeks so my due date is august 13th!  I'll start doing weekly updates based on Mondays from now on! 

At our appointment we had the ultrasound & got to listen to the heartbeat, had an OB educator meeting, and an appointment with my doctor.  Here is a picture from our ultrasound...hard to believe this little thing is only the size of a green olive when its actually starting to look like a real baby in this picture!  The coolest part of the ultrasound was seeing the actual heart beating.  I had no idea that you would be able to see that.  Our baby was also moving their little arms around which was really neat!  Heartbeat was pretty high at 180 (but in the normal range for this early).

Monday, February 13, 2012

8 weeks

December 31 - January 8

I forgot to write last week...and by forgot, I mean had no motivation to do so!  The fatigue has hit hard, but I am so blessed to still not have too much nausea.  I am very thankful of this and just very thankful for this life inside me.  I just felt this complete feeling of joy over the Christmas season this year knowing next year will be so fun!  I am excited to tell my best friends this weekend!  We've told a few friends as we've seen them and its been necessary.  But most of all I'm excited for our first appointment on Tuesday the 10th.  We will get to hear the heartbeat and see the baby in an ultrasound.  Its going to be pretty unreal.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

6 weeks

December 17 - 23

Its been interesting having a little secret and not being able to tell anyone but our parents.  I luckily haven't had any real naseau yet.  I just notice if I don't eat for a while or I eat too much I feel a little queasy.  I have started to really make sure I pack snacks for between meals at work and keep pretzels in my desk in case I forget.  I've only had an aversion to eggs so far, but can eat them in a breakfast sandwhich or some other disquised way...just not scrambled.  And I've only had a few occurances where nothing sounds appetizing!  I am loving fruit though thats for sure (but how is that different than normal I guess!), especially oranges and grapefruits.  I'm finding myself a lot more concerned with fitting in all my veggies, etc. than I was before.  I feel guilty if I eat crappy all day or skip my milk, etc.  I'm feeling more tired at night than normal...I definitely went to bed at 9:30 last Friday!  I'm also just generally less motivated to clean etc. around the house...but I'm not really making myself feel bad about it.  The hubby is very sweet and willing to help out more than usual!

Friday, February 10, 2012


So I decided when I first got pregnant to start this little blog so I could remember all that I was feeling and the excitement of it all.  This blog is mainly for me, and family & friends that want to read well as anyone else who is interested!  I have been keeping weekly updates,etc. so I will be sharing each post with the date it was written.

December 14, 2011
We are pregnant!!!  How am I feeling?  Well, I am still in complete shock.  I am so incredibly happy and overwhelmed by God's faithfulness.  I was so surprised when it actually happened.  Although, this is really the first month we've been trying that I just had a feeling it might be this month. 

This was the first month I used ovulation tests to pinpoint my most fertile days.  I knew then that my period should fall 14 days after that.  I estimated I would start anytime from Wednesday through Friday (12/7 - 12/9).  When I hadn't gotten my period yet, I decided to take a test Saturday morning (12/10).  I had heard that you have the most accurate results with your first pee, so I woke up at 5:45 a.m. needing to use the restroom and went ahead and took a test.  I could not believe my eyes when it said a big fat "Pregnant".  No faint line, this was a digital test and it just said Pregnant. 

I immediately ran in to tell Corey.  I walked into our room and over to his side of the bed.  I woke him up and told him the news.  Then he reached up his hand to give me a high five (haha) then pulled me into bed to hug me.  We snuggled for a bit and talked, then we decided I should go take another just to be I did, and it said the same thing! 

I took another test on Monday morning and went in for a blood test Tuesday.  I got the phone call with my results today (Wednesday) that the blood test confirmed I am pregnant.  So that is the little story of how we found out.  I wanted to make sure and get the details and how I felt down for memory of this very special day!