Monday, February 20, 2012

13 weeks

February 6 - 12

13 weeks and baby is the size of a peach which is still unfathomable to me!  I am so excited for my doctor's appt tomorrow (Thursday).  I'm not sure what will happen but most people have told me I'll get to hear the heartbeat so I'm pretty excited about that!  Corey & I were looking at the belly pics from this week compared to last week and can actually see a difference which is funny, but cool :) 

I had some days toward the end of last week, mainly Thursday night through Saturday morning where I noticed I was so irritable.  Everything people were doing around me was getting on my nerves.  I am generally a very happy person and normally in a good mood so it was starting to get to me.  I noticed Saturday morning that I snapped at my mom and was on the verge of tears for absolutely no reason.  So after realizing these things (I had just arrived at the gym) I parked my car and bowed my head and just said a little prayer for God to take it away, to make me aware of my mood, and to help me be more positive and nice to others!  I mean I have a whole lot to be pretty happy about right now!  Then I went into zumba with my mom still with the same attitude, but about half way through class I started having fun, loosening up, and after class I was completely back to my normal self.  Lesson (once again) learned, give it up to God!

Another thing I noticed over last weekend, however this little thing seems to be sticking around is major brain farts.  I feel like I just completely lose words when I'm trying to carry on a conversation, or I say the wrong word.  But worst of all, I notice myself making simple mistakes at work, not good.  I need to try to remember to be more present!

Something else that I have started to notice in the past few weeks and think is pretty hilarious is people wanting to touch my belly.  Not random strangers as I am not really showing, but friends that know both guys and girls.  I have been suprised how excited everyone is for us and how much they just want to be a part of it I guess!

Still no crazy cravings yet.  I have been loving cereal (I think really its the cold mik) and PB&J's.  I don't really have any aversions at all.  Saturday night about midnight on our way home from a friends house, my hubby after a few beers was craving some taco bell.  We had eaten dinner really early and were both hungry, so I obliged.  And he finally got to have his "pregnancy craving" that he's been hoping I would get probably since I became pregnant :)

Also this weekend I stopped by buybuy BABY since I was on that side of town.  I have been really wanting to stop in there lately and I had so much fun just walking through!  I was good and resisted the urge to buy anything!  It also made me feel better because I had been feeling a little overwhelmed by all the options as far as baby items go (i.e. strollers, etc.), but it was nice to walk though the store and see all of them out so you could pick them up and push them around and try things out.  Now I know Corey & I can go one Saturday and register for what we like with no problems.

Whew, just got back from my appointment and everything looked perfect!  The nurse weighed me (about 2 lbs weight gain so far), took my blood pressure, then took me into see the doctor.  She was very happy with everything and I still really like her!  (She is a new doctor for me, not the same OB I had been going to for my yearly checkups.)  I feel comfortable to ask her my questions and she takes her time to answer anything.  I heard the heartbeat again which was in the 150s now and shed some happy tears, of course.  Its starting to feel just a little bit more real :)

12 week belly

13 week belly!

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