Friday, February 17, 2012

12 weeks

January 30 - February 5

We took our first belly shot Sunday!  I'm excited to see how the belly grows!  I can totally tell something is there, but am definitely not showing yet through my clothes or anything like that.  I guess it makes sense, baby is now the size of a plum!  I feel very relieved to be to 12 weeks now!  I can really start believing it!  I go next week for my second doctor's appt and will hopefully get to hear the heartbeat again.  I can't wait, I wish Cor was able to take all the work off and get to hear it each time like I get too.  I am still feeling so great this week.  Hopefully this easy pregnancy means it will be an easy baby as well ;)! 

My bible study girls were over on last night and before study got started we were having a long talk about breastfeeding and how its going for them all.  I hope breastfeeding works for us with my whole heart, but I know its not only dependent on me, but on the baby as well.  Anyway apparently listening to all their stories really got my head going because I ended up having some very visual dreams about it last night!  But all good ones!  In my dream everything worked perfect and baby & me made a great team!  Lets hope that plays out!  Honestly, especially this morning after that dream, I am just feeling so incredibly excited and just looking forward to baby.  I think its just all becoming much more real.  And its awesome!  :)

But it also reminded me of another dream I had maybe around 8 weeks that was so funny, I wanted to write it down.  I dreamed I had a completely pain free labor!  In my dream I had some very rare "disorder" for lack of a better term, that didn't allow my body to feel the pain of giving birth.  I thought it was completely crazy (so did Corey) until like a week later I got one of those email newsletters from the bump that listed top 12 weird pregnancy dreams decoded.  Well guess what #8 was, painless delivery.  The "decoding" just said "Having a painless delivery is a common dream for first-time mommies because you’ve never experienced labor and delivery before, so the inner mind has nothing to reference it to."  So, so true!  But I doubt that dreams coming true!

One other thing I remembered last night that I wanted to write down (and never did) was early in my pregnancy like 5-6 weeks when I first found out.  I was getting over a cold and I noticed whenever I sneezed or coughed hard I had a sort of sharp pain in my lower abdomen area.  Honestly, I sort of ignored it hoping it was fine, then one day came across something on baby center about how it could be related to an eptopic pregnancy (not a good thing) so I was a little worried.  But I also read things about how it could just be round ligament pain (normal).  So I just prayed about it and tried not to worry and God gave me a lot of peace.  When it came time for my appointment at 8 weeks I wasn't even worried, just excited, and baby looked & sounded healthy!  I guess I just wanted to write it down in case there were others that were worrying about similar things.  My best idea yet has been to avoid constantly reading those types of boards and info that only makes me scared and just praying and trusting in God that his way, no matter what it be, is the best!

12 week belly!

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