Sunday, February 12, 2012

6 weeks

December 17 - 23

Its been interesting having a little secret and not being able to tell anyone but our parents.  I luckily haven't had any real naseau yet.  I just notice if I don't eat for a while or I eat too much I feel a little queasy.  I have started to really make sure I pack snacks for between meals at work and keep pretzels in my desk in case I forget.  I've only had an aversion to eggs so far, but can eat them in a breakfast sandwhich or some other disquised way...just not scrambled.  And I've only had a few occurances where nothing sounds appetizing!  I am loving fruit though thats for sure (but how is that different than normal I guess!), especially oranges and grapefruits.  I'm finding myself a lot more concerned with fitting in all my veggies, etc. than I was before.  I feel guilty if I eat crappy all day or skip my milk, etc.  I'm feeling more tired at night than normal...I definitely went to bed at 9:30 last Friday!  I'm also just generally less motivated to clean etc. around the house...but I'm not really making myself feel bad about it.  The hubby is very sweet and willing to help out more than usual!

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