Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekly Eats 5/20/12

Sunday - dinner with our bible study group, the best cookout!  We had burgers, corn spoon bread, pasta salad, fruit and dip, salad, and cupcakes.

Monday - Chicken Taco Salad

 Tuesday - leftovers & I made Caramel Corn for bible study

Wednesday - Asian Zing Shish-ka-bobs, carrots 

Thursday - Cheeze-it Casserole

Friday - leftovers

Saturday - Puccini's

Weekly Eats 5/13/12

Sunday - Mother's Day cookout at our house!  Chipotle Honey Shish-ka-bobs w/ Pineapple, Strawberry Salad, Corn Spoon Bread, Deviled Eggs (recipe coming soon), Reese's Brownies

Monday - Spaghetti & Meatballs, and Cheesy Garlic Bread - yummy freezer meal courtesy of our friend Emily!

Tuesday - leftovers

Wednesday - dinner at my mom's, we had a delicious stir fry

Thursday - Avocado Enchiladas (recipe coming soon)

Friday - leftovers

Saturday - leftovers

Sunday, May 27, 2012

28 Weeks

Just got back from my 28 week appointment!  Can't believe how fast its going, only 12 weeks give or take left!  I had my glucose screening test to test for gestational diabetes, which entails drinking the infamous sugary drink.  It really did taste like flat orange soda like most people told me and honestly wasn't terrible at all.  I wouldn't have chosen to finish it off after the first sip, but I definitely wasn't choking it down either.  I'm axious to find out my results! 

The appointment went great otherwise.  Sweet baby's heartrate was 141 this time, lower than previously but still perfect.  My blood pressure was great and the doctor said my weight gain was right on track as well - 15 pounds so far!  I had blood drawn at the end for my glucose screen and other screens, such as anemia, so I'll be glad to hear my results on those as well! 

Updated on Wendesday:  I passed!  My blood sugar level was 121 - average range 70-140 for the test!  I am so relieved!  I am very thankful not to have to deal with all that comes along with gestational diabetes.  Especially being married to someone with diabetes, I get to see all he has to do and I'm glad I won't have to prick my finger four times a day, etc..  Corey handles it all so well, I couldn't even tell you a time he's complained about it. 

A couple other things I talked to her about were kick counts and exercise.  She suggested I stop doing ab work now that I'm in my third trimester.  She also told me to start counting baby movements!  She asked me to do it twice a day, morning and night, and see how long it takes to get 10 kicks.  She said the goal is to get 10 in an hour.  She suggested doing this after a meal, or another time while baby is active.  Obviously they don't expect her to be moving constantly all day.  This is just to check for decreased fetal movement which can indicate she is stressed in there. 

I am starting to feel more connected to baby lately.  I just can't wait to see what she looks like and what her little personality is like.  Its still so strange that someday in the near future Corey and I will walk into the hospital just the two of us and walk out as a family of three.  I know she's in there and I feel her all day, but its still going to be a major shock I'm sure.  I can't wait to meet her!  But of course, I'm glad we still have some time together just the two of us, and to get ready for her of course!

I'm really starting to look forward to all the fun things we have coming up this summer.  I can't wait for our vacation in a couple weeks and of course our baby showers soon after that.  I know these weeks are going to fly by, but I hope I really continue to savor this pregnancy and all the time we spent the two of us preparing for her! 
27 weeks

28 Weeks

28 Weeks

28 Weeks

Monday, May 21, 2012

Exercise - 2nd trimester

This week I am 15 weeks so I thought I would share the changes between 12ish-15 weeks so far!  My doctor asked that I try to not lay on my back for extended periods once I got into my 2nd trimester.  Therefore, I have switched things up during a few exercise classes.  Anytime I am required to lay on my back, I take a step bench and put risers under one side so its diagonal and place a mat on top.  I lay with my head more elevated and my bottom down lower.  I use this position anytime we lay on our backs and use weights for arms or when we do abs. 

As far as ab exercises go, I am much less afraid to do them lately.  I was so weirded out by the thought of squishing the baby when I first got pregnant, but after talking with my friend Sarah and with my doctor, I've realized its perfectly fine to do abs and encourage because a strong core helps with delivery and helps your body get in shape quicker after.  I do not do certain "straining" ab workouts per the doctor's request.  I just make sure whoever is teaching my class knows that I am pregnant or I watch other pregnant women in the class for tips.  Some things I avoid are full sit-ups, reverse crunches (where your legs are in the air and you lift your butt up and push your heels toward the ceiling), major twist type work, or ab work when we are in a sitting position, feet and arms off the floor, and you lean back as your legs extend keeping them from touching the ground.  I am also still doing plenty of plank exercises & push-ups, until I develop more of a belly that would hit the floor! 

When a class calls for laying on your stomach and lifting your legs and arms to exercise your back, I make modifications there as well.  I still think its very important to work your back as its part of your core.  Instead I go to tabletop position where I am on my knees with my hands directly under my shoulders and I lift my opposite arm and leg straight out at the same time. 

Now that I'm 20 weeks I thought I would do another update as I've really started to develop more of a belly.  I want to mainly touch on yoga because not a whole lot else has changed since 15 weeks.  Make sure you always tell your teacher, especially if you aren't showing significantly yet, so they are able to watch you and tell you necessary modifications.  If you do yoga, you notice that there are some times where you are flat on your back.  I modify these exercises the same way I mentioned above.  I bring a bench and risers into the yoga room and set it up next to my mat with another mat on top (I typically try to set up next to one of the walls so I'm not distracting!).  I do all laying on my back exercises on the incline. 

As I mentioned above as well, twists are not suggested during pregnancy as they can result in separating of your ab muscles.  There are a lot of twists involved in yoga (even including laying on your back and letting both legs fall to one side).  I always make sure to never go too far or strain, and really just take these easy all together.  Another thing is upward dog or cobra type exercises where you are really stretching out your core.  This is not advised as it can have the same result.  I just very mildly do these and never put my hips all the way to the ground to avoid that strain.  I'm going to look into some prenatal yoga classes around where I live in the next month probably! 

I'm now 28 weeks and starting my 3rd trimester!  Really there weren't too many changes between 1st and 2nd beyond no twists or laying flat on your back.  The most important thing is to listen to your body and keep yourself hydrated.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and am looking forward to hearing what she has to say going forward.  I'm not sure if abs need to stop now or if I just need to start using the stability ball, etc. etc.  Just very happy that I still have enough energy to excercise!  I highly suggest getting yourself into a regular workout routine prior to getting pregnant if you can.  I just kind of continued with it and it hasn't been too difficult.  I really believe its made me feel a lot better during the whole pregnancy...and its great for the baby too!

stability ball

Friday, May 18, 2012

27 Weeks

I have decided that I need to get some pictures of me while I'm pregnant, not just these little side pics of my growing bump, but with my face in it too!  I want to remember what I looked like and how it felt.  I noticed in this weeks pictures that the infamous line is starting to appear down the middle of my belly.  I can really only see it from my belly button down and not too much in person.

Her movements are getting so pronounced.  It is just the most amazing thing getting to feel her all day.  I understand why people say they miss being pregnant.  I think I'm starting to understand when people say the baby is kicking them in the ribs or up in their ribs.  I literally feel like she is stuck up there sometimes when I am trying to sit down.  I'm starting to notice I feel like I have less room in my belly area even though I still have a LONG way to go and baby has a lot of growing to do! 

I'm starting to feel a lot less hungry lately than I did earlier in my pregnancy.  Or at least I don't think everything put in front of me looks amazing like I used too!  Last night I made enchiladas and didn't want them so I also baked a broccoli cheese quinoa bake I had frozen a few weeks ago and that didn't sound good I ended up having cereal!  Who knows, but I feel like I am feeling this way a lot at dinner time recently.

I think I'm definitely settling into the third trimester.  I am still completely wiped by Thursday night and can't keep my eyes open at work on Friday (today).  My cleaning schedule has definitely gone out the window because I really struggle to feel motivated to do it about half the nights of the week.  I hope my energy to work out holds out through this pregnancy.  I am still feeling great now exercising and would love to continue as long as possible!  Ready to have my normal energy back for sure! 

26 Weeks

27 Weeks

27 Weeks

27 Weeks

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weekly Eats 5/6/12

Sunday - Mexican for Cinco de Mayo! (a day late)

hubby's margarita!

Monday - Shrimp Po Boys , Red Beans & Rice, Sweet Summer Roasted Veggies

Tuesday - leftovers

Wednesday - Cilantro Lime Chicken Chili - one of the freezer meals courtesy of our friend Heather, I am making this soon!

Friday - Crispy Honey Lime Tilapia with Blueberry Salsa

Saturday - Veggie Lasagna - freezer meal courtesy of our friend Sarah!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

26 Weeks

Alright I am a little behind on posting, I'm actually 27 weeks and a day, but that's ok!  Here is stuff I really noticed last week and the exciting things we did over the weekend!  She is about 2 pounds and 14 inches long...amazing!

First of all in the last week I definitely had some pregnancy brain moments!  One being I showed up over an hour late to my friend's bridal shower due to me just confusing the time in my mind.  Second of all, I threw my phone in the laundry with a load of clothes.  Phones don't do so well in washing machines.  Although, if you know me very well you would know these things would probably happen whether I was pregnant or not :)

The coolest thing in the last few days has really been seeing her moving big time from the outside of my belly.  And feeling more than just little punches or kicks, but what feels like her actual leg or arm rolling across my belly.  Its so crazy that just a few weeks ago I was worrying about feeling her move consistently, and now it is just so amazing!  My favorite time is after dinner when I can lay on my side on the couch and watch or feel her move.  Corey is still freaked out by this which is pretty funny!  My mom also got to feel her move for the first time this weekend which I know meant a lot to her.

I have noticed my lower back starting to hurt if I'm on my feet all day.  Its a little annoying and sort of painful, but I'm well aware that I have plenty far to go in this pregnancy, so I can't really start complaining yet!  We did hit the 3 months til baby mark this weekend though!  Very exciting!

I had a little bit of a "pregnancy slump" I would call it Friday night.  I know it was majorly brought on by the stupid hormones.  I was feeling a bit frustrated with myself for being so tired and not wanting to do anything Friday evening.  Corey suggested us going out to grab dinner and a drink, but I was just not in the mood.  Then I started feeling like I just wanted to want to do the same things as my husband wanted to do like before I was pregnant.  I think I am just starting to get the itch to be able to be my normal self again.  Even though I know nothing will ever be the same.  Hard to explain I guess.  I am loving this pregnancy so far, but every once in a while I guess its ok to have these moments! 

Saturday I woke up feeling back to my normal self and we got lots of baby things done!  I think the nesting instinct is starting to kick in or something because I am anxious/just plain excited to get baby's room going!  We decided we would take on a couple tasks this weekend for her room and we got them both done!  First we were determined to get a chair for her room since we are running out of weeks (for order time).  We went back to Buy Buy Baby and found a chair we had completely overlooked!  Its pretty much the same as the chair we liked at the other store, but we were able to use a 20% off coupon which made a huge difference.  Here is a similar chair to the one we got (if not the one we ordered), we ordered it in solid charcoal.  Its a swivel rocker/glider and it also reclines.  Pretty comfy!  (I think the estimated arrival time is July - August 4 so here's hoping it arrives on time!)

Lastly we also found paint and went ahead and moved everything out and painted her room on Sunday!  We got Benjamin Moore's No VOC paint in Coventry Grey.  That stuff is expensive but its what is recommended for a baby room.  You could totally tell a major difference.  I helped paint and we couldn't even barely smell it while we were painting and couldn't smell anything a day later.  We kept the window open and the fan going to make sure it was well ventilated.

my sweet boy on our new chair in the living room!

Corey starting the paint, wanting to get a before shot

other side of the room and a curious puppy

looks very dark with the light coming right at the camera, chair will sit in the corner on the right and dresser will be on the left wall

much more like the color in real life.  And that's her crib up against the closet!

crib will be on this wall, next to the chair

25 Weeks

26 Weeks

26 Weeks

26 Weeks

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weekly Eats 4/29/12

Sunday - Roasted Mediterranean Veggie Sandwiches with Feta on Foccacia bread

Monday - leftovers quickly before heading out to the Pacer's game!

Tuesday - leftovers

Wednesday - BBQ Chicken Salad
             this is one of our absolute favorites!  I made it for our friends Grant & Jamie and brought it over Thursday after work to help out since they recently welcomed baby Jack!  I made a double recipe so Corey & I could enjoy Wednesday night.

you would think as many times as I've made this salad I would have taken a better picture by now!

Thursday - Southwestern Sloppy Joe's

Friday - leftovers

Saturday - our friends Traci & Seth's wedding!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

25 Weeks

I am feeling so much excitement this week!  I am waiting for the nervousness to jump in and the feelings of anxiety which I'm sure will come sometime before this pregnancy is over!  I counted over the weekend and can't believe we only have 15 weeks left, that is craziness.  I am still feeling her move in the same places this week.  I think her head is down and her feet are up and kicking me on the top of my belly on my right side.  They have been in the same place for the past few weeks.  I almost feel like when I put my hand on my belly right there I can feel her little foot.  My sister got to feel her kicking for the first time this week which was exciting!

My belly is getting bigger and bigger...the difference between each week is really amazing.  I looked back through the blog the other day and was laughing at the beginning when I thought I had a little belly, but really you couldn't tell at all!  I absolutely can not wear some of my regular jeans anymore.  I wore them the other night to the Pacers game and was so uncomfortable.  Then once I got home I just felt sore and kind of crampy in my lower belly.  Corey wasn't very happy and said I'm not allowed to wear anything but maternity jeans anymore haha. 

I have noticed I'm really tired by Friday the last 3 weeks at least in a row.  I don't know if its just staying up too late at night or if its due to pregnancy, I'm sure its both.  I'm a little worried that I have a little anemia, which is common in pregnant women due to the baby using most of your iron.  I'm going to ask the doctor about it at my next appointment (and try to eat more iron rich foods until then) because I really notice how tired I am over the weekend.  Last weekend I came straight home from work on Friday, no gym, and fell asleep by 9, then I was still exhausted on Saturday.  I slept until 10, took a 2 hour nap, and was still struggling after I woke up from the nap.  I'm just not sure if its normal pregnancy or more tired than I should be in the 2nd trimester (when you're supposed to have all your energy back!).

I also noticed I was more irritable/sensitive/insecure last week than normal.  I knew I felt irritable at the time, but I really could tell the difference this week now that I'm feeling back to normal.  The hormones just make you crazy sometimes I guess!  I'm trying to make sure I'm aware of how I feel though rather than being grouchy with others for no reason. 

I also realized I've been having a lot of anxiety about the baby coming early.  Not because I'm not ready for her, but that she wouldn't be developed enough and wouldn't be healthy yet.  I have no idea why I'm worried about this, but I need to keep praying about it and push that fear out of my mind.  I think I've just heard of a few babies delivered early around me in the past few weeks (friends of friends) and its on my mind for some reason.  I keep worrying that she will come on the plane or on our vacation when I'll be 31 weeks, or come before our birth classes & breastfeeding class which are all the way through my 36th week.  I know everything will be fine and that whatever happens God is in control!

I have been absolutely loving baby girl clothes lately!  I can't stop myself from browsing when I'm in a store, but have had pretty good restraint to keep myself from buying.  They are pretty irresistible though.  I really need to take some pictures and post the adorable outfits we've been given so far!

We also got the dresser for her room this week!  We bought it from a family friend and got a really great deal on it.  Corey wanted to buy a used one and refinish and paint it white.  I'm excited to see how it turns out.  Its the perfect height for us to use as a changing table as well.  Corey is anxious to pick a paint color so he can paint the room, which is a good idea so it has plenty of time to air out.  I think we've got the room all planned out for the most part, now we just need to find/buy everything.  And move the old furniture out of her room of course!

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25 Weeks

25 Weeks

25 Weeks