Tuesday, May 15, 2012

26 Weeks

Alright I am a little behind on posting, I'm actually 27 weeks and a day, but that's ok!  Here is stuff I really noticed last week and the exciting things we did over the weekend!  She is about 2 pounds and 14 inches long...amazing!

First of all in the last week I definitely had some pregnancy brain moments!  One being I showed up over an hour late to my friend's bridal shower due to me just confusing the time in my mind.  Second of all, I threw my phone in the laundry with a load of clothes.  Phones don't do so well in washing machines.  Although, if you know me very well you would know these things would probably happen whether I was pregnant or not :)

The coolest thing in the last few days has really been seeing her moving big time from the outside of my belly.  And feeling more than just little punches or kicks, but what feels like her actual leg or arm rolling across my belly.  Its so crazy that just a few weeks ago I was worrying about feeling her move consistently, and now it is just so amazing!  My favorite time is after dinner when I can lay on my side on the couch and watch or feel her move.  Corey is still freaked out by this which is pretty funny!  My mom also got to feel her move for the first time this weekend which I know meant a lot to her.

I have noticed my lower back starting to hurt if I'm on my feet all day.  Its a little annoying and sort of painful, but I'm well aware that I have plenty far to go in this pregnancy, so I can't really start complaining yet!  We did hit the 3 months til baby mark this weekend though!  Very exciting!

I had a little bit of a "pregnancy slump" I would call it Friday night.  I know it was majorly brought on by the stupid hormones.  I was feeling a bit frustrated with myself for being so tired and not wanting to do anything Friday evening.  Corey suggested us going out to grab dinner and a drink, but I was just not in the mood.  Then I started feeling like I just wanted to want to do the same things as my husband wanted to do like before I was pregnant.  I think I am just starting to get the itch to be able to be my normal self again.  Even though I know nothing will ever be the same.  Hard to explain I guess.  I am loving this pregnancy so far, but every once in a while I guess its ok to have these moments! 

Saturday I woke up feeling back to my normal self and we got lots of baby things done!  I think the nesting instinct is starting to kick in or something because I am anxious/just plain excited to get baby's room going!  We decided we would take on a couple tasks this weekend for her room and we got them both done!  First we were determined to get a chair for her room since we are running out of weeks (for order time).  We went back to Buy Buy Baby and found a chair we had completely overlooked!  Its pretty much the same as the chair we liked at the other store, but we were able to use a 20% off coupon which made a huge difference.  Here is a similar chair to the one we got (if not the one we ordered), we ordered it in solid charcoal.  Its a swivel rocker/glider and it also reclines.  Pretty comfy!  (I think the estimated arrival time is July - August 4 so here's hoping it arrives on time!)

Lastly we also found paint and went ahead and moved everything out and painted her room on Sunday!  We got Benjamin Moore's No VOC paint in Coventry Grey.  That stuff is expensive but its what is recommended for a baby room.  You could totally tell a major difference.  I helped paint and we couldn't even barely smell it while we were painting and couldn't smell anything a day later.  We kept the window open and the fan going to make sure it was well ventilated.

my sweet boy on our new chair in the living room!

Corey starting the paint, wanting to get a before shot

other side of the room and a curious puppy

looks very dark with the light coming right at the camera, chair will sit in the corner on the right and dresser will be on the left wall

much more like the color in real life.  And that's her crib up against the closet!

crib will be on this wall, next to the chair

25 Weeks

26 Weeks

26 Weeks

26 Weeks

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