Tuesday, February 21, 2012

14 weeks

February 13 - 19

I just told my bosses at work today!  I'm not sure what I was worried about because they were absolutely supportive and very excited for us.  I felt very comfortable talking with them about everything.  I have to say I have been overwhelmed by the number of people who are so excited for us.  And the number of people who have told us we'll be great parents!  Its a time where you know your life is about to change and you have no idea what its going to be like, and its just reassuring to hear that friends and family have confidence in you!  I think that's probably one of the best things you can say to an expectant woman. 

The baby is the size of a lemon, 3 1/2 inches long!  I am so happy to know I'm in my second trimester and out of the risky miscarriage portion of pregnancy.  Corey & I decided we are going to plan a little "baby moon" this trimester so I am looking forward to that.  Lately I have been craving PB&Js, cereal still, and I think that's about it...still chocolate but I'm trying to avoid indulging too much there!  I am missing coffee, not the caffeine, just the taste and the warmth as we are dead in the middle of freezing winter!

I am experiencing my first cold so far during this pregnancy.  I was hoping to avoid getting one because I knew I couldn't take any meds, but unfortunately I caught the one Corey had last week.  It hasn't been too bad, just made me sleepy and achey with a sore throat and a little congestion.  It could be way worse!  I'm finding there are a lot of contradictions in pregnancy so far...your immune system is down (since you are sort of making a baby in there!) but you can't take any meds, and you are fatigued, yet you can't have caffeine.  Good thing this is allllll worth it.  So far I've absolutely loved being pregnant!

13 week belly

14 week belly!

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