Friday, August 3, 2012

38 Weeks

I can't believe how close we are getting!  Its really starting to feel strange that she could come at anytime, and for some reason I really feel like she is going to come sooner than later, but that's probably just wishful thinking!  I can't handle the wait to meet her much longer!!!  I think I had a little bit of a nesting kick this weekend, but maybe it was more-so just related to me "thinking" she might come this week.  Rather than plan meals this week which is one of my favorite things to do, I picked up easy things at the store and lots of good snacks in case we would be hibernating any time soon, haha.  I cooked a few freezer meals and made a large batch of granola on Sunday.  I also finished a few baby related projects (one being her changing table pad cover) that I had been sort of putting off.  I am still waiting on the huge urge to clean because that definitely has not happened...more like huge urge to nap or relax on the couch with my hubby!

We had a bit of craziness come up this past week!  Long story short, Corey's been having some lower back pain that radiates down his left leg for about a year.  The pain got significantly worse in the past week or two to the point where he couldn't really function, it was so excruciating.  After narrowing out some other possibilities, his doctor ordered him an MRI and found he had 2 herniated disks.  One had a large bulge on the end that was pushing his nerve into the bone, causing all the pain.  His options were to get back surgery and permanently fix the problem or get a steroid shot to temporarily ease the pain (but they had no idea how long it would last).  We decided to go ahead with the surgery and now he is completely pain free down that leg!  Today is the day after surgery and he only has some stiffness/soreness in his lower back at the incision site.  We are feeling very thankful as this was the absolute best outcome we could have asked for!  We hope to celebrate our 3rd anniversary next weekend since our plans sort of had to change this weekend.  I'm very lucky to have this man!

Back to pregnancy related things, I finally switched out my ring for a silver band I borrowed from my sister.  I'm still not having any swelling yet, but I was nervous in the last few weeks that I would.  I definitely miss my ring!  The braxton hicks are still continuing very strong, coming much more frequently, and lasting up to 5 minutes at a time rather than the 30 seconds previously.  They come all day, but still are not painful, just uncomfortable.  Doctor says this is a good sign, I say bring on the real thing!  I am feeling a little nervous about when she may come because I really want my doctor to deliver her, but she will be out on vacation all next week.  But, whatever will happen, will happen, and it will all turn out ok!  God's timing is always perfect.

My doctor's appointment was good this week.  I progressed a little bit more to 2 centimeters, and I'm now fully effaced which is great.  Baby has dropped even further to station +2.  I guess the only things we are waiting on is more dilation and the real deal contractions.  My doctor told me she could come in a few days or 2 weeks, its impossible to tell.  But she asked if I could come Thursday since she'll be on call all night - sounds like a plan to me :)

Baby's heartrate was great still at 152 and my blood pressure, urine and weight looked good at 24 pounds.  I completely forgot to share something funny that happened at the doc last week.  I asked the nurse practitioner how big she thought the baby would be and she said she expected her to be "ample" size, haha!  She said since she was already dropped so low in my pelvis but I was still measuring at almost 38 weeks (last week when I was 37 weeks 1 day) that she is probably a good sized baby.  She asked how big me and Corey were, both over 9 pounds, and said she would be shocked if baby was under 7 pounds.  I guess we'll have to see when she's born, but hopefully she's not too big!!! 

37 Weeks and a few days

38 Weeks

38 Weeks

38 Weeks (sorry I look half asleep i think I was just out of bed!)

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  1. +2 woo hoo!!

    Sorry to hear about your hubby's back. Matt had a spinal fusion when he was 20 for a herniated disc - not a fun major surgery to go through :(