Sunday, September 16, 2012

One month

I can't believe she's one month already!  The time has flown by, but at the same time I really have a hard time remembering what it felt like to be pregnant, haha!  Some things I want to remember from her first month as our sweet little newborn:

the sweet sounds she makes: sighs, shrieks, squeaks, grunts

her breathing, so fast sometimes, so sweet

how she grabs things with her hands, like my tank strap while she's nursing, or she has her hands in tight little fists or up by her face

how in the beginning of the month she would daze off cross eyed, so silly, but now she's starting to focus more

her sweet little baby smell, even if she's due for a bath, she just smells like my baby

her little rolls down her back when she's curled up, but how tiny she looks at the same time

how soft her skin and hair is, precious

Her stats (on September 11, almost a month and a week):
10 pounds 4 ounces
22.5 inches

We finally gave you a pacifier and at first you couldn't decide if you liked it, but now you love it.  It really soothes you when you're upset.  You are nursing so great!  I can't believe the difference from the first week of your life.  Now you have it down for the most part!  You eat pretty quick, and you latch so much quicker than before.  Every once in a while when you are upset and don't want to latch, I'll give you your paci until you calm down, get you into position, then pull it out and you latch much easier. 

You normally sleep anywhere from 3 to 4.5 hour stretches from wake up to wake up, except for a rare couple 5 hour stretches.  During the day you go anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, normally 3, and I don't let you go longer than that, but I don't think you would anyway.  I'm starting to wonder when I should try getting you on a schedule, but sort of think you'll get yourself on one when its time.  I'm starting to figure out that you are generally more happy in the morning and sometimes fussy at night, but it just depends on the day. 

I am already getting emotional thinking about how much you are going to change in the next month!  I wish you could stay little forever, but at the same time, I can't wait to see all you are going to do!

This month Corey and I had our first couple nights out without you.  My mom stayed with you one night and we went to a rehearsal dinner for our good friends Stefan and Jessie and I was gone long enough to have to pump once while there, about 4.5 hours.  Then, the next night we had the wedding.  Corey's parents stayed with you at the hotel where the wedding and reception was.  That way I could run upstairs to feed you once, then I had to pump and dump twice since I enjoyed a few cocktails!  We stayed at the hotel after and had a pretty horrible nights sleep.  We moved you to your crib around 3 weeks and you have done great!  Since you slept in the bassinet again at the hotel you just didn't sleep soundly all night.  You were then really fussy the next day.  I think it was a combo of not sleeping well, me being away from you for so much those two days, and just a lot of over-stimulation in general and change from our normal routine!

I didn't have a whole lot of questions for the doctor this month.  I asked her about fussiness since it seems like you've been a little more lately, especially at night, but she said that's normal around this age.  She said its due to you pooping much less (around once a day now) causing you to be a little gassy and also just becoming more aware of your surroundings and being overstimulated by the end of the day.  I asked her about spitting up, since you do almost every time you eat, but I guess this is normal in around half of babies as long as its not a ton and you don't seem to be really uncomfortable.  She said you should start sleeping 6-8 hours straight a night in the next month hopefully, whoo hoo!

Here are some more pictures from our one month photo shoot!


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  1. Second picture down is so adorable! I laughed out loud. She is so cute!!