Sunday, October 14, 2012

Two Months

Oh man, I can not begin to describe the amount of joy this little love has brought to our lives the past two months!  She is the sweetest little angel and I thank God for her everyday.  She has grown and changed so much over the past month, its amazing.  One of the best things that has started in the past month are sweet baby smiles!  They are definitely not abundant yet so we really appreciate them when we get them.  Corey can really get her going in the mornings before he leaves for work, its pretty cute!

I am positive we have what you would call an "easy" baby.  She is so sweet, still so sleepy, and isn't fussy all that often.  We have had our few times when she will be fussy with others and it seems like only mommy or daddy have the magic touch.  Hopefully she'll become more comfortable with others soon, but it is nice to know that we are comforting to her!  We are so blessed and appreciative to have such loving grandparents and aunts for her and that they all live so close.  She's spent a few nights (not overnight) this month at grandparents houses during a wedding, a date night out for Corey's birthday, and another few hours out for mom and dad to celebrate another friend's birthday.

Right after I published the 6 week post she went through a growth spurt.  All of a sudden she didn't sleep much at all, wanted to eat a ton, and was pretty fussy for two days straight (and woke multiple times at night).  Then the following 3 days or so she was much sleepier than normal.  I'm glad we made it through those days and will know whats going on when the next one comes.  It definitely taught me that things change constantly and not to get too used to things going a certain way.  One thing I keep reminding myself of is that she is only a tiny human.  We aren't always predictable, we don't always sleep through the night, etc. so why should we expect for her to.

The growth spurt kind of threw our schedule off and I just sort of let it stay that way for the next couple weeks.  After talking with the ped today at her appointment she told me how babies do thrive off schedules, but not to be too rigid with it if things come up.  I am still just unsure on how this should really work.  I think I am going to start back on the schedule this week and see how things go.  We also need to decide if we want to move her "bedtime" from closer to our bedtime (right now she eats somewhere around 9 or 930 then goes to sleep) to an earlier time which is suggested.  The trade off is that she "sleeps" in the crib around 12 hours so if we move the time to earlier, we lose the sleep in time on the weekends.  I think we are going to try an 8 to 8 schedule and see how that goes.  I will probably add in a "dream feed" right before we go to bed, where I go in and feed her around 10 or 1030 without unswaddling/waking her up if possible.

Some fun and adorable things our sweet girl has picked up this month:  smiling, cooing, blowing spit bubbles, an occasional dramatic frowning pouty lip when she is crying (its pretty cute and hilarious), much more head control, so much strength in her legs - she loves standing with mommy and daddy's help, pulling hair (haha), and better eye contact (even though sometimes I feel like she avoids mine because she is bored with staring at me all day haha).

She has started sleeping much longer through the night!  Now most nights she will go at least 6 hours uninterrupted and then usually another 3 or 4, and then another 2 or 3 (these are times between if she eats at 930, 6 hours would be 330 when she wakes up again to eat).  It is soooo nice to get 6 hours uninterrupted, rather than "hopefully" getting 5 hours a few weeks ago, and most of the time having one or two wake ups in there where we would need to go put her paci back in.  I'm pretty positive that a good part of this is due to a better swaddle than we were using before (the miracle blanket is great, kind of like a baby straight jacket).

She is still eating great!  She started eating on one side only the majority of the time a little over a week ago.  She just started one day and hasn't gone back.  I was a little frustrated at first and wondered if it was because she was distracted by noise in the room or something, but didn't have any better luck upstairs in her quiet room.  After talking with a few friends they said their babies did this as well, but after a month or two they went back to both sides.  I am just making sure to keep putting her back on the one side if she pulls off until she won't anymore rather than switching the first time she comes off like I did previously. 

Now for her stats!  She weighed 11 pounds 5 ounces and was 23 1/4 inches long.  Getting chunky!!! And oh so adorable!  I never really understood just how cute baby rolls were until now!  She had her two month shots today and they were awful.  She cried pretty hard when they were done until I was able to pick her up and calm her down.  She was pretty calm and went right to sleep in her car seat after, shots were at 10 am.  She did fine during the middle of the day during another feeding and a nap, then woke up screaming from her nap at around 3 and I couldn't calm her down to eat for a while.  She pretty much slept and cried between then and when Corey got home with some baby Tylenol around 645 and then continued to sleep until 9 (including some sleep eating in there!) when she finally woke up to eat and go to bed for the night.  I literally didn't even see her eyes open from 315 to 9 pm, and heard plenty of baby screams in there while she seemed like she was pretty asleep.  Poor thing.  I will be prepared next time with baby Tylenol in case she screams like that again.

Get ready for picture overload!!!

walks in the carrier are one of our favorite things to do

she always ends up like this, sweet angel

i can't even handle her!

trying to figure out what these arms are

her favorite place to sleep (my favorite place for her to sleep!)

chunky girl, and spit bubbles!

after her shots, poor baby

first BIG smile i caught on camera

sweet baby eyelashes

loves her playmat

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