Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIY Tutu

Ok, I honestly can't remember where I saw this tutorial, but there are so many on the internet that use the same method.  Here is a great one from Simply Real Moms.  This is incredibly easy to do and is so inexpensive!  I used 1 long ribbon that was about 10 inches longer than my baby's waist and 2 yards of tulle.

first cut your tulle into long strips.  you will fold them in half as seen above, so you will cut them twice as long as you want your tutu.  fold them in half and place them behind the ribbon (sorry the picture above shows it in front of the ribbon).

pull the long ends through in a "slip knot"

pull them tight and continue with all strips until tutu is as full as you would like.

trying to get the full effect! :)

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