Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fabric Flower Headband & the pumpkin patch

My friend Heather makes these adorable fabric flower onsies and made the sweetest little one for Reese when she was born.  I finally decided to try myself to make her a headband using the same tutorial she uses.  Once I got the hang of it, it was really easy!  Hopefully I can explain it well enough for you guys!  I see many of these in our future!!! :)

cut your strip of fabric to size, I used a 28 in x 4 in piece.  the larger piece you cut, the larger flower you'll get obviously.  iron the edges 1/4 inch down.

fold in half and iron again.

tie a knot at the end.

(this is where it gets hard to explain, i just kept playing around with it until i figured it out and it started to look like i wanted)  roll your fabric around the knot to get it started, then fold and twist your fabric around the knot you started with - you want to fold it in toward, then behind the knot each time.  you sort of want to make sure you fold where there wasn't a fold on the previous layer if that makes sense.

here is the back of my flower to help with explanation.

finished flower!  next i just hand sewed in different places to hold the flower together.  finally i sewed my flower to my headband.  i just used elastic as my headband, but you can also purchase one!
here is my sweet girl modeling it on halloween!

and here we are at the pumpkin patch!

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