Monday, October 6, 2014

Fifteen Months

Whoo!  I am really really behind.  Thankfully I wrote this post back around 15 months but never posted since I was waiting to upload pictures.  But I'm going to go ahead and get this posted now along w/ a 2 year update!

All I can say is big, big girl!  Its amazing to think about the difference between now and your first birthday!  You have grown and changed and learned so much.  You are now running through the house, saying about 7-10 words, and imitating so mank things we do.

It is so amazing to watch you learn and pick up new things out of no where.  You will imitate something I do and I think to myself, do I do that?  Its crazy how much you pick up on.  Its also pretty fun to watch you starting to play "pretend" with some things.

You love blowing kisses, giving kisses, waving hi (when you are not being shy), pointing out (and saying a couple) body parts when we ask you where they are, dancing, "jumping," banging (anything when asked), shaking, saying hi and "talking" on you play phone, shaking your head no, getting buster treats, etc. etc. etc.  You love playing pretend with so many things.  You'll walk around "feeding" buster, me, stuffed animals with a bowl and spoon.  You are in love with any stuffed animals and blankets and will carry them all around the house.  Its amazing to me now how much you understand.  You understand so many things I say now and will do a lot of things when I ask you, like 'grab your bear,' 'brush your teeth,' 'where is buster?,' 'time to go bye bye,' 'did you go potty?'  Its fun to be really communicating with you these days!

You are just our favorite girl in the world!  You are such a joy miss Reese.  I can't describe how fun it is to watch you learn new things and just play with you and hear your sweet little giggle.  My heart literally feels like it might burst when I look at you, peanut.

Your 15 mo apt you weighed 20 lbs 1 oz, up to the 11th percentile, whoo hoo!  You are working on getting your molars and I've seen at least one of them is almost in.  Luckily this hasn't disrupted your sleep though!  You just wanted to be held by mommy a lot more than normal.  You are sleeping amazing.  Seriously we put you in bed and you don't make a peep at naptime or bed time.  You switched to one nap a few weeks ago because you were rarely taking both naps and it has been awesome.  Some days you'll only do an hour and 15, but most days so far its been about 2 hours.  Hopefully this will stay and get even longer maybe once you get used to the schedule!  You are eating great lately and seem to want to eat all day long.  Some favorites are broccoli, bananas, pears, cheese cheese cheese, sausage/hamburger, beans, eggs, breads, etc.   

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