Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Reese One Year

Wow!  I can't believe its been one year already since you've came into our world sweet girl!  I am going to be so cliché and say it has without a doubt been our most favorite year yet, and man has it flown by!  You just bring so much joy to our lives, I swear I can't even remember what we did before you were here.  You are just my most favorite little girl in the world and I can't explain how special you are to us. 

Its true that once they hit one year they really begin the transition from baby to toddler.  You just seem like a toddler now, its crazy!  It makes mommy so sad, but also very proud.  You are becoming your own little independent person now, and your personality is really coming out and cracking us up every day. 

You are so good at balancing while standing now, squatting down to pick things up, etc.  You had taken a few steps a few times starting a few weeks ago, but I'm pretty sure you didn't realize you were doing it.  But once you hit one year, within a day or two you figured it out and have started taking steps and I can tell you are so proud of yourself each time!  The most you've gone is maybe 6 or 7 steps so far (today is August 12th), so we'll see if you start getting more interest in walking soon.

You are still not saying any words yet, except for occasionally "hi" but I'm not sure if its just a coincidence that it happens at the same time you are waving hi :).  Other than that you still chat and babble up a storm, we just have no idea what you are saying.  Doctor says this is common baby will focus on one side developmentally (walking vs. talking) so maybe in the next few months we'll hear some real words out of you!

This also comes with a few temper tantrums, but really they are pretty few in between lately.  You do however not like certain things the majority of the time like getting in your car seat, diaper changes, or being picked up or taken away from something you shouldn't be doing or if we just need to get going somewhere.

You have gotten so snugly lately, it is my most favorite thing in the world and I am savoring each one.  You love to give us hugs and will wrap both arms around our necks and just hold on for a minute.  I can't describe how very sweet it is to mommy!  You also love handing us anything you have to show us, love laughing at yourself or others, and pretty much love playing with daddy more than anything in the world.

I am in the process of weaning you now and I have to say I have different feelings about it than I ever thought I would.  It is very hard and feels like I am sort of taking something away from you.  Next time I will probably let baby lead more with the timing, but Corey and I are taking a vacation without Reese at the end of the month so its sort of necessary.  Thankfully though you are handling it very well and don't really seem to notice, so I know this is a sign that you are ready. 

You are still sleeping fabulous at night, around 7/7:30 to around 7 am and two great naps that typically last 1.5 - 2 hours long at 10am & 2pm.  You are still quite the peanut, weighing 18lbs 4oz (9%) and 48% for length.  You are getting a little better at not being super picky with food lately, so I'm hoping once we are done nursing your food intake will start to increase even more.

dare devil

you got a water table for your birthday!

we went out on the boat a few times this month


your best bud in the whole world

pure joy on that face!  you love when daddy pulls you on your train


birthday girl!


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