Monday, August 12, 2013

Ten Months

Whew!  This month you have really taken off.  I can tell you are so much happier being able to explore the world now and being more independent.  Pretty soon after turning nine months you figured out crawling, and once you took off, you took off.  You are so quick and curious!  Then right after you mastered that skill, you started cruising around the furniture.  You are so comfortable at it now, you'll reach to go between the couch and the coffee table, etc.  You have a "walker" toy that you love!  You are pretty crazy with it and its a little unstable so you can't really use it by yourself yet without falling over, but I'm sure it will be so soon.

You are way more interested in things other than toys it seems lately, little stinker.  You love things you aren't allowed to play with like closing doors in the house, pulling on cords in the wall, dog bowls & bones, shoes, door stoppers, the toilet paper roll.  You are so quick its unbelievable.  I'll run in the kitchen to grab something real quick and come back and you have crawled from the living room to the bathroom, climbed up to standing using the toilet and are pulling all the tp off the roll.  You have also figured out how to throw a little "temper tantrum" when we pull you away from something dangerous or we don't want you to get into.  Its really pretty cute and ridiculous all at the same time.

We went to the beach for vacation this month and it was so fun!  You are such a little water baby.  I had no doubt you would love it since you have so much fun splashing away in the bath and you really did.  You loved the pool and the beach!  It was so fun to make such special memories with some of your first experiences!  You were fussier than normal which was a little frustrating, but we were sure it was just due to being out of your comfort zone.  You were off your normal schedule, tired from our busy days at the beach and pool, and I think just a little overwhelmed by being around a big group of people all the time rather than just mommy during the day.

Reese, our sweet little bugger. Your little personality is starting to shine and it is so much fun!  You are in constant smiles, love playing peek-a-boo, and clapping and waving your arms to show your excitement.  You are also miss little chatter-box lately with your ma-ma-ma's, da-da-da's, and ba-ba-ba's All. The. Time.  There are no words to describe watching you grow and learn.  I am having a really hard time believing that you are almost a year old.  I see how much you are already seeming like a toddler at times and it makes me sad!  We are so thankful you are a healthy and happy little girl.  Your sweetness has brought so much joy to our lives and we couldn't imagine one day without you love bug!

photo shoots are getting pretty tricky!  these are basically the only ones i got of her sitting still!


I just think its adorable when she sits like this, I love those little piggies!

clap clap clap!

see ya later mom!

bath time is a lot more interesting these days!

such an angel on our 12 hour car ride to myrtle beach for vacation!


loving buster

practicing walking with my new toy

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