Monday, August 12, 2013

Eleven Months

Miss Reese!  I am having a hard time believing you are a month away from your first birthday!  We are going to have a one year old on our hands, just craziness.  This first year has flown by, but its been the most incredible one of our lives so far! 

You are just becoming a little toddler in front of our eyes.  You are becoming so interactive.  You always want to know what we are doing and make sure we are watching everything you are doing.  Things you are up to this month:

You have discovered the stairs and will climb them all the way to the top!  Time for the baby gates to go up!

You still love playing peek a boo and will giggle so cute when we pop up from behind a table and say boo.  You also love playing back, you'll crawl out of the room we are in or around a corner, then turn around and peek in at us and crack up.  You love when I put a basket over your head or a blanket and take it off and say peek a boo.

You love to hand anything to us that you have and we say thank you and hand it back to you.

You still love crawling to the windows or back door, especially if daddy takes buster outside.  You'll crawl up to the door, stand up and bang away.

You are still cruising like crazy and are soo fast and really brave, and you love walking/running behind your walker toy.  You are getting really good at balancing yourself if you let go for a minute.  You took a few steps the other day toward me before tumbling down, but I'm pretty sure it was a fluke.  I don't think you really have any interest in walking yet...crawling is so much faster and easier! 

We finally put cabinet locks on all the cabinets because you are now obsessed with opening and closing them and reaching for the contents.

You are really funny with your little personality.  You love to get our attention and make us laugh, but you've also figured out how to throw little temper tantrums.  You also will cry and crawl toward us if we tell you no if you are getting into something like the dog bowls.

You are going through a not wanting to eat much variety phase, these come and go.  You want to only feed yourself, and do not want me to feed you anything (purees, yogurt, etc... no thanks mom).  You are basically obsessed with blueberries and strawberries now and are not so interested in vegetables.  Maybe those taste buds are really developing now!  You love those baby food squeeze packs that you can suck the food out of, so I bought some reusable ones that I can put food I make in (since they are really expensive) - we'll see how those go. 

I am really starting to dread you turning one :(  I'm not looking forward to transitioning you from nursing to milk out of a sippy.  I know I could do extended nursing, but that is not my plan, and I'm sure I would still not look forward to it later either.  I just know that you love it so much (and so do I) and I'm already starting to feel bad about taking it away from you.  Its hard to describe, but I'm sure it will go just fine.  It just feels like a really big transition and you just seem so small still!

You are still sleeping great (with the exception of a couple wake ups with teething, but you are really doing great!).  You are still taking your two naps a day at 10 and 2.  Most days you'll take them both no problem, but every once in a while you won't take your second nap for some reason.  We are still in the phase where life seems really easy with you miss Reese! 

You are such a joy in our home.  The love we have for you is so incredible.  My mom and I were talking the other day about when you were born.  We loved you very much, but my goodness you were so new and everything was so new.  Our love grows exponentially every day for you and I can't remember what it was like without you in our lives.  You are our little love bug and its so much fun to watch you learn and grow every day.  We are so blessed to be your mommy and daddy!

swinging with friends!

love emptying everything

tippy toes


love bug

always looking for bubba

climbing the stairs now


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