Monday, July 2, 2012

33 Weeks

The main thing I want to remember this week is baby showers!  We had two last weekend thrown for us!  The first was on Saturday and was thrown by three of my best friends and was a "BABY-Q" theme.  It was a co-ed cookout type of shower and we had a blast!  The second was on Sunday and was thrown by my mom & Corey's mom & really by his sister as well.  She is a graphic design major and made the invites for both showers and so many of the little details you'll see in the pictures. 

We were absolutely spoiled by our friends and family and recieved so many gifts for our baby girl.  The showers really just made me even that much more excited to meet her!  I can't believe how real it made everything feel seeing her room full of baby things.  We have a free weekend this weekend which we are planning to get a lot done for the baby's room.  We are going to work on sanding and repainting her dresser and we also want to get the crib put together!  We still have quite a bit to do on her room, but I'm not feeling too worried, just excited to get it moving!

I only have the pictures from the first shower, so I will share those now, and share the others when I get them!

adorable diaper cake made by jess

corn on the cob and ant cupcakes made by jenn

baby's first bikini from corey's sister

bath toys and adorable lucy

activity gym!

jenn and traci

lauren lindsey & swade

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33 Weeks preg!

32 Weeks

33 Weeks (forgot to take belly shots this week!)

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