Friday, July 20, 2012

35 Weeks

I have to say after talking with my bible study girls last night, I am realizing even more how lucky I am still in this pregnancy!  As of now I have no swelling, not really any heartburn, I'm not feeling overheated in this heat, I'm not feeling exhausted or overly emotional (although I definitely have my moments).  My only complaint right now is really just the uncomfort that comes from sitting all day, and I know its just due to how she is positioned in there because its always only hurts on my right side.  I am very grateful for all of these things!  I have to say, I have reached the point where I am so ready for her to come (but I know she needs to stay in there at least 2 more weeks so she is fully developed and healthy!).  I am just getting so excited to meet her!!!

Last weekend we got a lot done on the nursery so I thought I would post a little to do list for what we have left since we are down to 5 weeks!  It might look like a lot, but really it doesn't feel like too much.  We have a lot of free weekends between now and baby to get all this stuff accomplished!

Re-finish dresser

Put together crib

Buy mattress & decide on crib sheets

Buy frames for pictures & Print pictures to hang in her room

Find a small side table & hang things, find lamp, etc. (finish nursery decor)

Make changing table cover & curtains (or buy these)

Put away and organize baby's things

Wash a few clothes for the first couple weeks & pre-wash diapers (if time)

Set up pack and play bassinet in our room

Set up other items like stroller, swing, etc.

Buy the necessary things left on our registry (thankfully we were so blessed and got almost everything we need!!!)

Pack hospital bag (& buy things for post partum)

Install car seat & get it checked out

Breastfeeding class (scheduled for 36 weeks)

Freeze a few meals for after baby's arrival

34 Weeks

35 Weeks

35 Weeks

35 Weeks

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