Friday, July 20, 2012

36 Weeks

We officially have everything we need now for baby!  No, the nursery isn't complete, but we have bought everything left that was needed on our registry, and I have to say we were pretty blessed to have so many generous friends and family members spoil us and our little one!  I'm pretty sure I had a bit of a "nesting" kick because basically all of a sudden I realized holy cow I'm almost 36 weeks and we don't have everything we need.  But now that we've purchased everything I feel much more relieved! 

We went out of town this past weekend with our awesome bible study group to Thad & Sarah's lake house which was a perfect little last weekend away before baby comes (and I'm not allowed to travel more than an hour away).  We are so thankful for this group of people in our lives!  And I'm glad to have so many "mommy" friends to ask questions when the time comes!  This weekend we plan on installing the car seat, setting up the pack n play in our room, and any other things we need to get set up.  I also need to get my hospital bag packed.

Corey and I were laying in bed last night talking about what we do when I go into labor and other things "baby-is-coming-soon" related and man its really starting to feel real now!  And we are getting so so excited!  I have my 36 week appointment on Tuesday which involves the first cervical check.  I'll let you know if we have any progress!

I can definitely tell a difference, I'm thinking she's dropped a bit in the last few days.  I was feeling almost sore in my pelvic area and I wasn't sure if it was just from my workouts or not, but I kept thinking it was sore muscles (especially my inner thighs).  I would notice it every time I got up from sitting or laying down in the middle of the night.  But now I'm realizing its almost like its my whole pelvic area down there and especially my pubic bone.  I'm guessing its just the pressure as she is lowering down.  Sorry if this all sounds weird haha!  I also feel an intense need to pee, anytime I have to go, its like I feel like I may burst right then when I stand up.  I can feel myself doing the pregnant woman waddle when I first stand up, but at least I'm able to notice it and get myself to walk normal haha!

Today is Tuesday and I'm back from the doctor!  I am 1 cm dilated, 60% effaced and baby has definitely dropped!  She said she would call her at station -1.  Everything looked great and she said this should be a sign of good labor hopefully.  Baby's heart rate was 152, my blood pressure and urine looked great still, and my weight gain so far is 22 pounds.  The doctor said next week they won't check me, but will again at 38 weeks.  Really the whole progress thing doesn't mean you will deliver soon or not, just depends on your baby and your body, everyone is different so we'll see what happens.

Last night I had my Breastfeeding class, which is the last of my classes.  It was honestly really helpful and informative.  I think breastfeeding is something you don't really know how its going to work until you do it, so it was nice to get a lot of info and just put my mind at ease a little bit more.  Its something I'm pretty determined to do, I just hope baby girl will cooperate! :)

Here's our updated list:

Re-finish dresser

Put together crib

Buy mattress & decide on crib sheets

Buy frames for pictures & Print pictures to hang in her room  (actually I have more to do, done about half)

Find a small side table & hang things, find lamp, etc. (finish nursery decor)

Make changing pad cover & curtains (or buy these) (I'm almost done with the changing pad cover, tutorial coming soon!)

Put away and organize baby's things

Wash a few clothes for the first couple weeks & pre-wash diapers (if time)

Set up pack and play bassinet in our room

Set up other items like stroller, swing, etc.

Buy the necessary things left on our registry (thankfully we were so blessed and got almost everything we need!!!)

Pack hospital bag (& buy things for post partum)

Install car seat & get it checked out

Breastfeeding class (scheduled for 36 weeks)

Freeze a few meals for after baby's arrival

35 Weeks

36 Weeks, wow you can really see how she dropped from last week!

36 Weeks

36 Weeks


  1. oh WOW! She totally did drop!! That's amazing! Such a great sign! :) Quinn never "dropped" and that was followed by a 22 hr labor! I hope this is a good sign for your labor!!

  2. I'm only 34 weeks, but I feel like my baby might be dropping as well? I've felt a few "shocks" to the cervix and I swear my bump is a little lower!?