Sunday, June 17, 2012

30 Weeks

I had my 30 week appointment on Tuesday, it felt like I just went now that I go every two weeks, its pretty exciting!  Same routine thing, weight, urine sample, blood pressure, listen to baby's heartbeat, measure my belly, and questions.  Everything looked great!  I've gained 19 pounds now which was up 4 pounds from 2 weeks ago, quite a jump in my opinion (maybe baby had a growth spurt!?).  She didn't tell me what the baby's heart rate was, which I was sad when I realized after the appointment, but it was good and I measured right on track. 

She felt my ankles and belly for swelling and said she felt a little in my belly and told me I needed to be drinking more water.  I feel like all I do is drink water all day, so I guess I just need to pay more attention to that and fit in even more somehow!  We picked our pediatrician so we discussed that.  We went with the one she had suggested after me and Corey reviewed her credentials, etc.  The doctor thought our personalities would work well with hers.  I'm not the type to research these things and meet with her previously to interview her.  I figure if we have any issues for some reason we can always find a new doctor!  I also got the final clear for vacation next week from her and got a doctor's note just in case the airline has any questions.

We also had our birth class start Monday night.  Honestly it was pretty much just the basics of birth that I already knew about from my pregnancy book along with meeting everyone in the class.  I'm a little bummed that we have to miss next week because its all the breathing and coping exercises, but our teacher gave us all the material and video to watch at home.  I'm looking forward to the third and forth weeks as well because I think they will have a lot of good information.

Before I was pregnant, and even in the beginning of it, I always wondered why pregnant women had their hand(s) on their belly all the time.  Now I get it, they were feeling the baby move!  To me, its such an instinctual thing to immediately want to feel her when I feel her moving inside.  Its just comforting and such a good feeling.  I totally look like the crazy pregnant lady though :)  One cool thing that happened this week was feeling the baby's hiccups for the first time.  We were laying in bed at night and Corey was feeling her move down low on my belly and it was like with his hand on there it really echoed her movement to me (if that makes sense) and we both realized they were short, rhythmic movements - duh...hiccups!

29 Weeks

29 Weeks (and a half!)

30 weeks (and a half oops!)

30.5 Weeks (belly looks a little lopsided due to the angle I think!)

30.5 Weeks

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