Sunday, June 17, 2012

31 Weeks

We just got back from vacation and had the best time!!!  It was so relaxing.  Pretty much everyday  we slept in, had breakfast in our room, went down to the beach all day, came upstairs to shower and take a nap, got ready, and went to dinner or fixed dinner in our room (we had a little kitchen).  Honestly I thought it would go by too quick since we were only there 4 days and 4 nights, but it was so relaxing that the days seemed much longer.  (Even though you wouldn't have had to force me to stay longer) it was the perfect amount of time and the perfect vacation just the two of us before baby comes! 

While we were there, I realized Wednesday, the 13th was 2 months until baby arrives!  I think somehow, it still doesn't feel like that's real life!  Not too many other updates this week other than how much everyone is starting to notice belly.  So many sweet strangers have such sweet things to say.  I went to the doctor Friday and have a few other things related, but I think I'll save those for 32 weeks since it was really my 32 week appointment.

at our good friends' Joe & Becca's wedding in Kansas City!

grabbing lunch at a tiki bar on the beach

dinner at Nervous Nellie's in Ft. Myers

gorgeous view and good music!

crab leg feast!!!

we drove over to Sanibel Island for the day

view from dinner the last night, Fresh Catch Bistro

last day on the beach before flying home

30 Week belly

31 Weeks

31.5 weeks

31.5 weeks

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  1. sounds like an amazing time! what a perfect way to relax before baby girl comes!