Saturday, June 30, 2012

32 Weeks

June 18-24

So I've been having a little bit of anxiety with these braxton hicks contractions.  I was sort of confused in the beginning whether they were BH or the baby's little bottom or head pushing out since I was noticing them in a certain area.  And I'm still not sure whether those were BH or baby.  But I started to notice them more while on vacation last week, happening maybe a few times a day, especially in the afternoon/evening.  I didn't pay a whole lot of attention and just attributed them to moving around so much during the day and not getting enough water on the beach, etc. 

Then on the plane ride home Thursday night, my first flight was delayed causing me to cut it close to making it on the second flight.  I was stressed and as I sat in my seat, waiting to depart, I noticed I couldn't get comfortable.  I felt like my stomach was totally tight and wouldn't let up, multiple times in a row.  I was panicking as I worried I was going to go into labor on the plane and without my husband (he stayed in Florida a few days longer than me for a bachelor party).  Finally once we took off I was able to get up and use the restroom and calm down enough to fall asleep (I can sleep anywhere!).  (By the way, I had absolutely no questions what so ever flying...neither of the airlines even acknowledged it beyond a few stewardesses and security women congratulating me!)

I was a little concerned once I got home, even though I wasn't having anymore, because the rule of thumb is to talk to your doc if you have more than 4-6 in an hour.  Luckily I had my 32 week appointment the next afternoon, so I took it pretty easy until I could talk to her about it.  She asked me the circumstances, but was pretty comfortable with it since they can be brought on by stress and dehydration.  She just told me to watch for more to happen when I'm not in those settings.

Then both Saturday and Monday I had occurances where more than 4 happened in an hour.  But, I could attribute it to the same causes (stress/not enough water).  Now its Tuesday and I had no issues today.  Corey and I talked about it and I'm going to see how it goes and call if I have the same thing happen.  It just makes me feel so anxious not knowing and its also very strange to not have control over your body!

Anyway!!!  My doctors appointment was pretty normal otherwise.  Blood pressure, urine was all normal.  I measured right where I should and she felt my belly and told me that baby is head down!  Yay!  Baby's heartbeat was strong at 152 :)  I'm still at 19 pounds weight gain.  And I didn't really have any other questions for her besides the BHC and just general discomfort and making sure these things are normal.  I noticed also last week that sometimes toward the end of the night I'll have some sharp bladder pain like I have to go pee really bad, but I don't.  Its really quick and normally a couple in a row.  She said its just baby's head pushing down on my bladder (I'm not having any bladder infection symptoms). 

Something I have noticed this week being back to work is I am starting to get pretty uncomfortable sitting all day at my desk.  If I don't get up often to walk around I have this weird pain in my upper back / ribs area.  Its almost like they are stretching apart, but being squished all at the same time.  I have found that it really helps to do a few cat/cow stretches! 

I've also felt a little sensitive this week.  Oh the pregnancy hormones!  I am starting to just get the itch for the pregnancy to be over.  Not that I want to rush it, and I know things will be oh so different with baby in the picture.  I am starting to feel the uncomforts I think, when I've generally been pretty lucky so far, and I'm starting to look forward to not being pregnant again, oh and getting to meet our baby!!!

Birth class this week was on medical "interventions" such as your pain managment options, C-sections, etc.  It was again a lot of good information, but a lot that I already knew/didn't need to know.  I am a big learn what I want to know and go with it type of person.  I am not a research all possible complications, etc. etc. type of person.  There were a few people who asked so many questions about things that could go wrong.  I guess I sort of feel like we'll cross that bridge if we need to, not scare myself for no reason about the possibilities of what might happen during labor.  It will all happen as God's plan so I don't feel too worried about it (yet at least!).

Also we got to take a hospital tour.  I can't remember if I said this yet but my friend Jess who is a labor and delivery nurse took me on a tour a few weeks back when I had an appointment.  It was so nice to be able to just look around and have her show me and take our time!  The maternity floor is so nice and home-y and I really like how you get to stay in your room for the entire stay (with the exception of a C-section if neccessary).  I was glad Corey got to see it too before the big day!

31 Weeks

32 Weeks

32 Weeks

32 Weeks

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