Thursday, June 7, 2012

29 weeks

In the past week or so I started noticing this "tightening" in my stomach and I thought for a few days that I was having braxton hicks contractions.  They start at 6 weeks and continue throughout pregnancy, but most women don't notice them until the 3rd trimester, if even at all.  They are harmless and irregular and don't indicate you are going into labor.  But I realized that the "tightening" was only in certain areas, almost like a ball in my stomach, at the top, bottom, or side.  Then I started to think about it and wondered if it might just be the baby's bum or head or even back just sticking out based on how she's laying in there.  She's still pretty small (around 2 1/2 pounds) and has plenty of room to flip all around.  Now I'm pretty positive that's what it is and notice it happening at least once a day.  I even notice when she does it with a knee, or something smaller.  She's so cute I can't even handle it!

One of my friends asked me last night if I'm in love yet and it really got me thinking.  Of course I am!  I think I really started to feel connected/attached to her the week I was sick (23 weeks).  I was home in bed most of the week feeling absolutely miserable.  Prior to this week I just wasn't feeling her move a ton yet and was feeling a little anxious about it.  This week she really picked it up.  Maybe it was because I was laying around all day, therefore able to pay a lot more attention, but it was so awesome.  It was the most comforting feeling, even though I was so sick, getting to feel her all day.  I just felt like she was keeping me company.  And I think that was the week that I really got attached.  Now she's moving non-stop and always reminding me she's in there!

We had a bit of frustration last week that I forgot to write about with our rocker/glider.  The fabric we ordered it in is on hold and they have no idea for how long.  We were given the option of waiting a few weeks to see if it was in yet, or ordering it in another fabric.  Unfortunately that was the only one we liked, so we are going with the risk.  We figured its better to not have a chair for a few weeks after she comes rather than be stuck with a chair we don't like for forever.  (The original estimated date of delivery was July 6 - August 6).  Wish us luck!

I finally got the rest of my lab results from last weeks appointment and everything looked great!  I have very slight anemia (which I kind of suspected), my level was 11.8 and normal range starts at 12.  Not too big of a deal at all. but not good if left untreated.  My doctor suggested some over the counter iron supplements.

28 Weeks

29 Weeks (don't mind the pjs)

29 Weeks

29 Weeks

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  1. Totally know what you mean about the tightening and that's how I describe when my baby moves up close to one spot too! So cute!