Saturday, April 7, 2012

21 Weeks

April 2 - 8

We went crib and glider shopping this weekend which was very exciting!  I had heard from a friend that they had to order theirs from BuyBuyBaby and were quoted 8-12 weeks, however it ended up being more like 14.  So I was anxious to get on the search!  Doing the math in my head I knew if we found one and ordered it this weekend I would be almost 21 weeks by then and had a chance of it not being here until 35 weeks if it took 14 - no room to spare!  Luckily the crib we found was in stock so we got to take it home that day!  

We bought this Bonavita Peyton Lifestyle crib in Classic White from BuyBuyBaby.  We wanted something that was good quality, but not top of the line in the price range.  Another requirement was that it was a convertible crib that can transform from a crib, to a toddler bed with a rail, to a day bed, to a full size bed.  We felt like it was worth the investment since we will hopefully not need to purchase her another bed!  We also saved huge with a 20% coupon they mailed us.  (I would highly suggest signing up for those if you plan on having children soon or just will be buying baby gifts for showers.  They are owned by the same company as Bed Bath & Beyond and constantly send out 20% off, etc. coupons.)

I notice myself keep walking in that room to check out the pretty crib and each time just thinking how unbelievable it is that there will be a baby in there soon.  I think this weekend it really set in that I will be a mom in more or less 5 months.  I am so excited, but still enjoying each and every step of this pregnancy!  We have so much more to do in those 5 months, and I know they are going to fly by!  I will be posting a pregnancy to-do list soon inspired by a new blog I found of all the things I want to get done before baby arrives!  Its so exciting to finally be working on the nursery and planning my registry, etc. in preparation for her arrival!!!

I forgot to say last week but I saw somewhere baby was a cantaloupe, this week she is a carrot.  I have no idea where they get these comparisons, whether its weight or length but its pretty funny to read them.  I did read that baby is almost half the length she will be at birth which is amazing because she's still so tiny, less than a pound.  I guess they really plump up before delivery day!  With my expanding baby bump I have noticed a feeling of "pressure" as I described it to Corey.  I mainly notice it when I get up from sitting, in my lower abdomen area.  Its like my skin is feeling the new weight or heaviness of the baby & uterus in there.  Pretty much what I expected having a pregnant belly would feel like, and never painful.

That reminds me of something else I wanted to write down.  Corey asked me a few weeks ago if pregnancy so far was everything I had expected it to be or if it was completely different.  I told him it was a lot less eventful and a lot more natural than I thought it would be.  I say eventful because I sort of prepared myself for the worst with the morning sickness and moodiness and was lucky enough not to experience too much of those things at all.  I think at the point he asked me I didn't have much of a belly yet either which was not what I had expected at that point.  I remember early in my pregnancy realizing one of my friends was going to visit at 15 weeks and thinking oh how fun I'll have a cute little bump by then.  Wrong, it happened much slower than I thought.  I still wouldn't say my bump at 21 weeks is what I expected it would be at 15!  Also I told him its much more natural than I thought, probably because I felt so great most of the time and I progressed so slowly I guess.  Things have just really felt natural though.  I thought it would feel very foreign and strange, but its been nothing but wonderful.  I love just holding my belly knowing she's in there and feeling her move around as well.

Earlier this week I was feeling a little anxious to feel baby move.  It had been since Saturday and I knew everything was fine but I was just praying a lot for the reassurance that comes from feeling her move and just praying for me to be able to feel her movement more regularly.  Well today is Friday and I swear I felt her doing somersaults Wednesday & Thursday night in bed right before we went to sleep.  It just felt like a full belly movement like a big "whomp" a few times in a row I told Corey.  My doctor told me that it is completely normal to not feel her for days in a row or even a week at this point in my pregnancy.  I just need to trust that everything is fine in there.  My placenta is also in front of baby and I know that means it can be more difficult to feel her move.  I am looking forward to feeling regular movements from her!   

20 weeks

21 weeks

21 weeks

21 weeks

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