Saturday, March 10, 2012

17 weeks

March 5 - 11

A few things I've noticed this week, or in the past few, increased need to pee!  I guess since my uterus is getting bigger there is less room for my already tiny bladder!  I'm better about not drinking too much water late at night though so I'm not constantly up in the middle of the night. 

I'm noticing myself waking up on my back probably at least once a night.  This is weird because I never did before really...who knows!?  My doctor said not to worry too much about it if that happens but maybe I'll start sleeping with a pillow behind me so I don't roll.  I am luckily still able to sleep on my tummy, but its starting to get a little uncomfortable.  It just sort of feels like I'm laying on a ball or something.  She said to stop at 20 weeks, but our bed is pretty cushy so it doesn't bother me too bad so far. 

I went to a baby shower last weekend for my friend Jamie which was really fun!  I loved seeing all the stuff she received for the baby, it just gets me so excited!  I love being able to talk babies with some of my friends and get their advice, because holy cow I would have no idea on any of this stuff without their help! 

Cor & I tried to go maternity clothes shopping this weekend while we were out.  I was hoping Old Navy had some jeans in store to try on, but no such luck.  I had to go ahead and order online and will send back if they don't work.  I am also thinking about investing in a belly band, but not sure if I need one.  We'll see how long I can get by with the hair-tie trick and keeping my jeans unbuttoned with a long shirt.  I only bought one pair of jeans since we are heading into spring.  Hopefully I'll be able to get by with those, a few work pants, and then some shorts later for the summer.  I hate spending money on stuff I can only wear for a few months!

My belly definitely popped in the past couple days.  Baby is the size of an onion this week.  I was telling him it just feels like I ate a really big meal and am bloated or something, but all the time.  I always wondered what it would feel like to have a pregnant belly, and its funny to finally be feeling that!  I'm excited to actually "look" pregnant in the future! 

I'm still feeling some small flutters this week, but wonder if its really the baby since its not even everyday that I notice it.  You just really have to sit still with no distractions after eating to notice it.  Maybe it will become more apparent in the next few weeks.  Have I said yet that we can't wait to find out????  Less than 3 weeks now at this point!  Gosh this pregnancy is flying by! 

Can I just say how amazing its been so far!?  One of the things I said when I first got pregnant was how I wanted to fully enjoy every step of the way and not rush it along.  Pregnancy is such a miracle and knowing there is a baby growing inside me is just amazing.  I know that I have been incredibly blessed with how easy its all been so far, but I have truly enjoyed it every step of the way.  Even though early on I was a little more worried if something would happen, it was so exciting to have this little secret that no one knew.  And the joy that it brought!  The joy that I felt that during Christmas season knowing next year would be so different.  Then beginning to see a little belly come, proof there really was a baby in there, and wondering when others would notice.  Seeing how excited my husband is for everything.  Getting my energy back, but fully allowing myself to rest when I feel like it.  Telling our friends and co-workers.  Strolling through baby isles, knowing in a month or so we would be registering for these items.  Feeling the first flutters and wondering if that's our baby moving in my belly.  Hearing the heartbeat and the doctor's encouraging words every time I go.  Reading about others pregnancies/babies and tearing up just feeling pure excitement.  And now, anticipating finding out whether this little one is a boy or girl, and more importantly getting to see he/she again.  What an amazing gift God has given us!

16 weeks

17 weeks

17 weeks

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