Monday, March 5, 2012

16 weeks

February 27 - March 4

Just got back from my appointment!  Everything looked perfect again!  I feel great after talking with her again.  My blood pressure and weight were great, I think my weight gain is around 5 pounds so far.  Corey's mom is a nurse at the same hospital I go to, so she was able to take a quick break and run over for my appointment and listen to the heartbeat.  My doctor was able to find it right away, 152 - around the same as last time.  She was telling me all about the next ultrasound and how we'll get to see all the baby's organs, etc. and or course find out what it is!  We can hardly wait!  I also asked her about childbirth and breastfeeding classes and she said its time to go ahead and enroll in those.  They apparently fill up pretty quickly, so I'm going to look into those in the next week or two. 

I am still feeling great this week.  Baby is the size of an avocado!  I am so thankful to get to hear that healthy heartbeat and get the doc's approval that everything looks perfect so far.  I'm starting to pop out a little bit more now, which is very reassuring.  We were at a friend's house Saturday and I definitely noticed how tight my jeans felt while sitting down.  My doctor also showed me how to feel my uterus which was really neat.  She said it will be all the way up to my belly button by next time. 

Its funny because I would say within the last day or two I have felt a lot of noticeable flutters, especially right after I eat.  I wasn't so sure if they were really the baby or not, but its fun to wait for them and feel them.  Then my doctor asked me today if I was feeling movement.  I described it to her and she said most likely that's the baby!  She said it will be a lot more defined in the next few weeks, and pretty unmistakable.

15 weeks!
16 weeks!

16 weeks!

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