Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekly Eats 3/11/12

Sunday - Dinner at Corey's parents!
                we had burgers, tater tots, & salad

Monday - Salmon with Creamy Dijon Sauce over rice, with carrots & broccoli

this salmon is one of our favorites! and the sauce is so so easy to make!  It would be really good over chicken too if you aren't a seafood fan!

Tuesday - Spinach Salad w/ Roasted Garlic Quinoa, Sun dried Tomatoes, Feta, & Avocado

Wednesday - Crispy Shrimp Pasta w/ Spinach Pesto Cream Sauce

                 Made something GREEN to celebrate St. Patty's day since Corey would be gone over the weekend.  I also crumbled some bacon & feta over the top this time!  Not a bad idea at all trust me!

Thursday - leftovers

Friday - Cheese Quesadilla & a huge fruit smoothie with yogurt, banana, strawberries, peaches, & spinach
              Corey was out of town and I really didn't feel like cooking for myself!

Saturday - out to dinner to watch the IU game with one of my best friends!

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