Sunday, August 2, 2015

11 weeks


Well here we are 4 weeks later for another update, I figured it would go this way for baby number 2.  Its crazy how much faster this one is flying by, I guess it just has to do with being distracted with Reese.  But I welcome every new week that comes with such joy.  Can't believe we are almost clear of the first trimester!

So far we have been blessed to be able to see baby 3 times on an ultrasound.  Once at 6 weeks, you couldn't even tell what was the head/body.  Second at 9 weeks, baby's heartbeat was 181, same as Reese's (another girl? that's what we're thinking!), baby was moving a little, you could now see little nubs for arms/legs and we saw baby's spine from behind.  Third was yesterday at 11 weeks, heartbeat was 168, and baby was moving like crazy!  It was incredible to see the development from 2 weeks prior.  Baby had fingers and toes and fully develpoed legs, its all amazing. 

I am feeling wonderful lately!  I would say the morning sickness lasted for a week to week and a half then I was hit with digestive pains in my stomach.  It was no fun feeling pains and bloating all the time, no matter what I ate/didn't eat.  But thankfully, once again that cleared up by probably 9 - 9 1/2 weeks.  I am one lucky pregnant lady, that's for sure.  Now I am just feeling back to normal, except for fatigue that hits after lunch time usually for the rest of the day, but I can definitely handle that.

The biggest difference this time is within the past week or so, my belly has officially pooched out.  Corey noticed it the other day and it made me realize it is for sure real.  I'm thinking maybe what I looked like at 16-17 weeks last time.  Its a little scary, but not really.  I'm just happy its a sign of a healthy baby being in there and I've heard that tends to happen earlier in subsequent pregnancies.

10 weeks 6 days

8 weeks, 6 days


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