Sunday, August 2, 2015

Peanut #2 (7 Weeks along)


Well here we are once again!  I won't get all sappy on this post, just want to record how we found out and how I've been feeling so far.

We took a trip to Charleston right before we found out and it was the perfect little get away.  We were on our second cycle of Clomid and were hoping we had a pretty good shot this month.  We saw there were two mature follicles (eggs) on the ultrasound around day 14 and I got the "trigger" shot to make me ovulate within the next 24 hours.  We were told to test on day 30 (16 days after our ultrasound and hcg shot), but there is no way I could wait that long.  I had planned to test Monday or Tuesday when we returned from our trip, but was too excited and tested late Sunday night (12 days after ov) when we got home -- and it was POSITIVE!!

But, when testing early with the hcg trigger shot there is always a risk that the hcg showing up as positive on the test is just remaining hcg from the shot.  So we waited and continued to test Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning and thankfully the line kept getting darker.  Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) I called my doc and they let me come in for a blood draw.  My hcg level was around 70, then around 150 on Friday.  We felt confident after the Wednesday test and told our family on Thanksgiving.

We got to go in for an early ultrasound this time (thanks to our doc) at 6 weeks, Dec 11th and saw there was a tiny baby in there with a heartbeat (118)!  They pretty much just look like a little blob that early but it was so nice to know that this was a real pregnancy.  We go back in at 9 weeks, on Dec 30th.

This pregnancy has felt different than my first.  I have been a lot more nauseous this time, but honestly I sort of welcome it knowing it means our baby is growing in there.  Whew, it makes me feel for those who have really severe morning sickness though, because it is brutal.  If I'm not feeling like I'm going to be sick, I have no appetite and nothing usually sounds good to eat, and a whole lot of things sound so unappealing, ha.  I have no desire to make dinner, poor Corey.  I would say the tiredness hit pretty hard early, but the sickness wasn't until 6 weeks and I've felt less tired maybe because all I can focus on is feeling sick or maybe because I have been napping every day! 

6 weeks 1 day - baby is that tiny thing at bottom left of circle, can't even distinguish head and body at this point!

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